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By markwho42, March 23, 2017 0 Podcast

Can you believe it? April 1st, MarkWHO42 will begin its fifth year. What started out as a mere Facebook page has grown to an international Doctor WHO/Scifi Radio and Podcast Show. Be part of our celebration as we showcase some… Read More »

By Kent Ward, March 22, 2017 0 Events

Not too long ago, Myk Media’s N3rd Night would take place monthly at Bikkuri Lounge, near downtown Orlando. It was fun times, as it was a chill gathering of like minded geeks that loved video games, partying, art, and music…. Read More »

By geekadmin, March 21, 2017 0 Comic News

SWEET LULLABY, an all-new six-issue sexy spy/thriller co-created by writer AJ Scherkenbach and artist J. Briscoe Allison, releases as a trade paperback book on March 29, 2017, courtesy of Darby Pop Publishing. In 2016, Darby Pop acquired publishing rights from… Read More »

By We Be Geeks, March 20, 2017 0 Podcast

The Intrepid Trio reports to you again with all of the Marvel news that you can use!! But first, Mike quizzes Eric and Kylan in a round of Marvel Family Feud…do they det all of the answers this time? From… Read More »

By Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes, March 20, 2017 0 Podcast

This week The Nerds talk a lot more about Netflix Iron Fist, They discuss all of their NerdOns, This week’s Nerd News, and answer some great questions from our listeners. This is an episode you do not want to miss!… Read More »

By The Reasons I'm Broke, March 19, 2017 0 Podcast

Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke #235 – Kong Skull Island In #235, we cover the Disney Afternoon Collection, Man of Steel 2’s Director, Man-Thing… Read More »

By Wayne Hall, March 19, 2017 0 Podcast

I’m really enjoying a great comic from BOOM! Studios called Death Be Damned! This week, in Episode 272, I talk with one of the writers of the four-issue western/supernatural miniseries, Andrew Miller, about the comic and how Ben Acker, Ben… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 18, 2017 0 Comic News

Titan Comics and Hammer Films team-up to take a slice out of Brian Clemens’ supernatural cult-classic Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter!   Titan Comics is excited to announce the next title from its Hammer Horror line of comics – Captain Kronos,… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 17, 2017 0 Convention News

Do not miss out on your chance to meet some of your favorite stars!  Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven on Stranger Things), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers on Stranger Things, voice of Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Movie), Graham McTavish (Dwalin in The Hobbit Trilogy), Jessica Lucas (Tabitha Galavan in Gotham), Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie) and the last minute… Read More »

By We Be Geeks, March 17, 2017 0 Podcast

The show starts off on a strange, yet humorous tangent as we slip into a classic Marvel verses DC debate. Once we get things back on track, we move on to our Rebels recap, where we discuss the last three… Read More »

By Happy Hour Podcast, March 16, 2017 0 Podcast

The fantastic SushiiXhyvette joins Johnny & Duce to talk about Inked and Geeked, Her work with Cosplay Deviants and her love of tattoos and DBZ! Check it out! Connect with Sushii: code is sushiixhyvette Patreon

By Suzy Farmar, March 16, 2017 4

Gideon’s Bakehouse is a whimsical bakery located in the heart of the Orlando foodie scene. It is located in Audubon Park’s… Read More »

By markwho42, March 16, 2017 0 Podcast

On the next episode of MarkWHO42, we begin with Mark and the gang going over the latest WHO news. Then, Christian has his One on One interview with Co-producer and Director of the new Webseries, Personal Space, Tom Pike. Personal… Read More »

By Brian Reed, March 15, 2017 1

Nameless (W) Grant Morrison, (A) Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn Image Comics 2017 NAMELESS tells the story of a down-at-heel occult… Read More »

By Casey Covel, March 15, 2017 0 Convention Report

Otaku culture values a lot of things–community, open-mindedness, art, pocky… But two valuables I find especially prevalent among anime aficionados are “breadth” and “depth.” Breadth is the desire to enjoy variety—that spice of life that broadens our appreciation for culture,… Read More »

By Kent Ward, March 15, 2017 0 Events

On Thursday, March 16th, Propeller Anime hosts their monthly Anime Nite Orlando event at Bikkuri Lounge, this time with a sci-fi/cyberpunk theme to tie into the upcoming Hollywood edition of Ghost in the Shell. Their lineup will consist of Psycho… Read More »

By The Reasons I'm Broke, March 15, 2017 0 Podcast

Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke #234 – Alterna Comics In #234, we interview Alterna Comics’ founder and President, Peter Simeti, as we discuss the… Read More »