A Night With Hulk Hogan At Megacon 2015

Hello all, and welcome to a special event review by yours truly. This review covers an event held at Megacon in room 311 F/G on Saturday April 11. The event was Hulk Hogan: Uncensored, as the wrestling icon himself, Hulk Hogan, spoke about his life both in and out of the ring. The Hulkster was introduced by longtime friend and manager, Jimmy ‘Mouth of The South’ Hart. Hogan spoke about how he got into wrestling, watching matches in the Florida area near Tampa during the late 60’s/early 70’s, and how he later decided he wanted to make it a career once he turned 18.

He also talked about his wrestling career, starting from his time in Japan, to going to AWA, run by Verne Gagne. He later went into some details of how his career began to rise after appearing in Rocky 3, courtesy of Mr. T (who would later be alongside Hulk in the first 2 Wrestlemanias, who was also in the movie as Clubber Lang) as Thunderlips vs Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. After leaving Gagne’s AWA, his rise in the WWF (later WWE) would begin once he won the Heavyweight Championship belt from the Iron Sheik back in 1984, and his career skyrocketed by the time Wrestlemania 3 happened, as he bodyslammed Andre The Giant in from of over 93,000+ fans that night back in 1986. He spoke about his several ups and downs during his time in the WWE, ranging from the controversy of losing the belt to the Giant on an episode of ‘Saturday Night’s Main Event’, to backing Macho Man as the new champ during Wrestlemania 4, to winning the belt back from him a year later in Wrestlemania 5. He also spoke about losing it again to the Ultimate Warrior during Wrestlemania 6 (agreed to by both him and Vince McMahon), only to regain it from Sgt. Slaughter (who at this time was ‘gimmicked’ as an Iraqi sympathizer, backed by Iron Sheik as Col. Mustafa, and a manager by the name of Gen. Adnan) at Wrestlemania 7.

He continued on about his career in the WWF as it was slowly winding down a bit, as he began to make films in Hollywood, ranging from No Holds Barred (which was later incorporated into a WWF storyline where Hulk had to face Zeus in ‘real life’ while holding the belt), to Suburban Commando, to Mr. Nanny. He later left to WCW in the mid-90’s after his contract was up with the WWF. While at WCW, he eventually won the Heavyweight Champ belt there, but not without its ups and downs there as well. His career began to slow down a bit once in WCW (because his popularity was slightly waning as the heroic icon), until that fateful night, when he turned heel (courtesy of Eric Bischoff’s idea to turn him bad). Little did he realize how much that would boost his career once more, as it was a big risk, but well worth it (as he renamed himself ‘Hollywood Hulk Hogan’), as alongside former WWF wrestlers Diesel (now back to Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramon (back to Scott Hall), they formed a new group- NWO (New World Order). NWO became the greatest threat to WCW’s wrestlers at the time, and the gimmick was popular up until Hogan eventually returned as a good guy. Eventually WCW would be sold by Turner to Time-Warner, and later sold to WWF after a lengthy battle between both companies for domination in the Monday night cable ratings war at the time. Hogan later was sporadically on and off with WWE as he continued his career outside the ring after the purchase.

Hulk later spoke about being on reality tv with his tv series, as his daughter was present in the audience in the back area, and the difficulties of being on such a series. He also spoke briefly about the off-series events in his life after the reality series wrapped up, which have been public record for some time, so i wont go into those details, and how it eventually led into him working at TNA (Total Nonstop Action) wrestling, due to some financial troubles at the time, one of which was paying for his several back operations that he had to endure, as well as a hip replacement (resulting from many years of wrestling injuries). While at TNA, Dixie Carter (the real owner) had Hulk’s storyline going on as him being backed by several investors to become the new owner of TNA itself. As the new owner, he made several changes to the organization, and eventually a storyline was created that had wrestler and friend, Bubba Ray Dudley, eventually engaged, then later married to Brooke, and become a heel to Hogan while Hogan ran TNA, to which he was very grateful to Dixie for the opportunity to work for her.

After leaving TNA, he rejoined the WWE once more, and he’s been there ever since, even participating in Wrestlemania 31 (last minute, since Hulk thought he was only going to be there watching the matches until the call came for him to suit up as Hollywood), alongside Hall and Nash as the NWO while Sting fought Triple H (Vince’s son-in-law and WWE CEO) with Triple H having Degeneration X members Road Dogg and X-Pac (Sean Walters) by his side, and Shawn Michaels making a surprise appearance as well. Overall, this was a great event that I attended, as not only did I get to field some questions to him (One of which dealt with the TNA storyline as mentioned above, as well as the Zeus question post-No Holds Barred), but other audience members did as well, and he concluded with thanking all of us for being there with him. The event then ended with a special post-meet and greet for those who had bought the VIP package (which i did not buy unfortunately, since I had already bought the pro photo op- see my con review on that:), and I left, overjoyed I got to sit in on this opportunity of a lifetime, and what was to come on Sunday for me (unexpected to say the least), and even though i got wet afterwards as it was raining when I was leaving, it was another great experience for me as a longtime wrestling fan.

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