Horns and Heroes Project Entry – Gremlins: The Lost Strain ”Stag”


I’m involved with a project called Horns and Heroes, which lobbies for the protection of rhinos by educating the masses on the species and how quickly it’s being killed off by poachers.

The Horns and Heroes Project brings together artists from every facet of media to create a work of art from a rhino themed sculpt. This event’s sculpt was a black rhino head and 70+ artists, ranging from professional special effects artists to local tattoo artists, are involved. I became involved as one of the artists because my good friend Chad Harmon is one of the founders of the project, and this event is extremely important to him and furthering the conservation of the rhino species.


The album includes direct mention of the Horns and Heroes Project, and also includes a link to the Project’s Facebook page. Please share this link on your personal or professional walls so that the Horns and Heroes Project can gain some steam before the September 18th, 2014 show date. The album can also be shared by going to my Facebook page and navigating down to where I posted the album, then clicking the “share” button.

The Horns and Heroes Project No. 2

The Abbey, Orlando, FL

September 18, 2014


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