Game of Thrones HBO’s hottest ticket

Game of Thrones Season 4 is upon us !


The anticipation is at an all time high, some want to see where is this story heading with the death of the King of the North Robb Stark and patriarch of the Stark family Katlyin Stark. Others want to revel in the Lannisters controlled power and manipulation. Tyrion Lannister went from being a top the food chain to prey.  We won’t even get into the mother of dragons and her cult following. Jon Snow and his love affair with a “wildling”, how will his brothers in “the Watch” accept the fact he broke his oath of celibacy. So many questions for the HBO series faithful and book brought to life to the Novel readers.

George R.R. Martin has come under some pressure lately because the readers feel as if the series is catching up to the book and he might not have enough time to complete the story leaving the writers of the series to create their own storyline which might end the series as we know it. Although HBO is fully equipped with talented writers who can make this work; but the faithful rather stick with George R.R. Martin’s creativity on this one.

For those who have read ahead like myself and know every intricate detail that will occur this season, it is kind of a bittersweet expectation.  The point of view characters’ dying is kind of a difficult pill to swallow. Many undying Robb Stark fans hated the red wedding, where die hard Eddard Stark Fans cringed at his beheading, Arrya, Sansa, and Brand, and Jon Snow are the heroes many are faintly rooting for in fear they might die also.  Tyrion is still the cunning fan favorite because he has the tenacity to live and his existence alone angers his enemies, which makes him the ultimate hero without having to lift a sword.

The Villains such as Pyter Balish are well hated as much as the Starks are loved. This is the making of a long running series in my opinion whether HBO will give it that chance depends of the viewers and story sequence by George R.R. Martin. Sunday April 6th at 9 p.m. Est.  Besides Sopranos, The wire, and Board walk Empire Game of thrones has the potential to be the top ratings getter for HBO.



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