Geek memorabilia you can actually buy, but most likely can’t afford


If you think the replica light saber or life sized portal gun sitting on your display case made you the ultimate geek collector, this article is about to prove you very very wrong.  If you’re like me, you may want to have the entire snack cake section of you’re local 7-11 handy to help you cope with longing pains of the following totally awesome pieces, so close…yet so far away…




Fully Functional Iron Man Suit

Eat your heart out Lockheed Martin, there’s a new real life Stark Industries in town…There’re called Firebox and thanks to their nice scientists,you can now make that long time dream of being the actual Iron man a reality! You know..minus the terminal disease and Gwyneth Paltrow of course. Then again if you’ve got $387,725.00 to blow, you could probably work something out. Even if your probably not able to click the buy button, the sites defiantly worth a visit for random drooling and some pretty funny reviews.



Batman Survival Suit

Talk about the ultimate cosplay, This suit is equipped with removable CE Body Armor so the leathers can be worn as everyday outwear. Though I’m sure we’d leave them on there everyday anyways. I imagine drinking my coffee in the morning on the patio like HEY MAIL CARRIER….I’m Batman.  One things for sure, at a reasonable $1800.00 bucks someone out there is going to have THE best people of Wal-Mart pic…EVER…



Back to the Future Delorean replica

What better place to find a famous car replica than a website for used cars right? I’ll admit I’ve seen better than this, but if you’ve got 44,000 dollars in hand this is the closest you can get right now.




The Iron Throne

For a simple 31,800.00 bucks,you can now throw the iconic Iron Throne from HBOs Game of Thrones into your cart along with that Fangtasia mug and Entourage shot glass while shopping on their online store. How convenient!! AND  if your not sure about your possible purchase , the residents of Westeros have managed to acquire computers with internet access to give us consumers some helpful reviews.




Offical BBC licenced  Dalek

For $4684.48 to $5779.35 (plus the price of shipping from the UK x_X) you can EX-TER-MI-NATE from the comfort of your very own living room (or be exterminated?) with help from who offer their full scale replicas in a variety of colors and styles using the same molds that created the ones used throughout the entire series.


There you have it. I am officially disgusted with my life  and I hope you are too. Goodnight!


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