Geeks on Broadway

Who says you can only find Fandom in a comic book shop or that convention room at that hotel down the road ? The G-virus seems to be spreading in all areas of the media and not even Broadway is safe! So if your looking to feel a bit more dapper these days,  grab your top hat with built in monocle and Alons-y!

Spiderman poster

Spiderman- Most likely the one everyone already knows about. Spiderman on Broadway features the story of everyone’s favorite web slinging, wise cracker set to music composed by U2s Bono and the Edge.



Persona 4- Unfortunately this is one you’d also have needed a ticket to Japan for. Persona 4 Visualive  kicked off in March of 2012 and contains not only some great casting but also some kick-ass concepts in bringing an RPG battle sequence to life as you can see in the video below.


A Very Potter Musical – This fan made Harry Potter spoof is what got Darren Criss to Gleedom, and one of my favorites,not only in this list but in life. Unfortunately it’s no longer running but you can still catch it on Youtube.


Japanese Anime Live –Yes Naruto fans, we did not forget about you..If you lived in Europe around 2010 you could have caught your favorites from not only this but Bleach, One Piece and more at Japanese Anime live, which had been done entirely in Japanese with English subtitles…


Princess Mononoke- Showing in Tokyo and London, It’s last show was June of this year and according to Kotaku was not too well received due to it’s low budget appearance…


Dragon Ball Z- DBZ Super Battle Stage was a set of 3 stage shows that took place at an amusement park guessed it… Japan.It was about three years ago and pretty safe to say it too is out of production but as always, Youtube to the rescue!


As far as I know all of these are out of production actually…however it was there…and that was cool…

Cupcakes out!

Pics from
and some German dudes facebook..


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