Nerd Music Releases: August 2017 Edition

Welcome to the August edition of Nerd Music Releases! It’s Labor Day weekend, which may mean you are at Dragon*Con, PAX West, or MAGLabs and need some music for your hotel room party? Maybe you are staying in the weekend like yours truly and need music for the barbecue? Well, you are in luck because some whopper compilations came out this month, as well as some other fun stuff. Check it out!

Chiptunes=WIN – Chiptunes=WIN 6

It’s the sixth annual edition of the super Chiptunes=WIN mega-compilation. President Hoodie put the call out for submissions and picked the best 51 chips from the mass of what they received. I always love these compilations because both the variety and quality are strong and volume 6 is no different.

This volume starts off strong with Knasibas and features chiptune and EDM heavy-hitters such as Auxide, Roboctopus, WillRock, RoboRob, Bubblegum Octopus, and Florida  chip artists like Masikus, Tokyo Elvis, and AYOSHUTDUFF. A new favorite of mine from this release is NintenKwonDo, which is now the best performer name ever. There are chips of all kinds in this release and I am sure you will find some chip artists that you like.

Tokyo Elvis – Human Music

Speaking of Tokyo Elvis, he was busy this month with another release. Human Music is an EP of kawaii future bass, with a few of the tracks featuring the vocals of Hatsune Miku. August was the 10th anniversary of vocaloid icon and fans all over have celebrated that.

There are a couple of bonus tracks of future bass goodness from Tokyo Elvis. While lacking the power and energy to fit into your local anime con rave mix, it’s a pretty relaxing release if you want to chill out after a long day of cosplay.

Tiny Waves – Hatsun.EP

The gents are Tiny Waves have teamed up with Bitopia to make another charity EP, this time benefiting Child’s Play. And like Tokyo Elvis’ Human Music , it’s Hatsune Miku is the featured subject.

Hatsune.EP features edm and chiptune tracks that are either remixes of Hatsune Miku songs or original songs featuring Miku’s vocals. The energy in this release is much higher, which is no surprise with contributors like livetune, Ben Briggs, and RoboRob. If I were to pick between the two Miku releases, I would go with Hatsune.EP.

MaverickDaRoninn – Gamer’s Interlude 2

From the Otaku Gang group comes MaverickDaRoninn’s Gamer’s Interlude 2, a hard-edged nerdcore album with a bunch of video game and anime inspired raps, along with a little bit of social commentary of current events.

Maverick seems to be inspired by Richie Branson with some of his character-focused raps – and Richie even joins in the the track Arcade – but Maverick needs a some polish in his flow and cadence. The production quality of the music and beats are pretty good through, and while MaverickDaRoninn has plenty of room for improvement, I do appreciate the rough approach he takes to anime and video game-inspired hip hop.

There has been a debate in the past about the use of the n-word in nerdcore; I have mixed feelings, as I personally do not like it but artists should be allowed to express themselves in their music. With that said, there is heavy use of it in this album and I wonder if Gamer’s interlude 2 would have been better with less of it.

OverClocked Remix – Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed

It is always an exciting time when OCRemix puts out a full album and Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed. It’s the iconic soundtrack of what many consider the best Legend of Zelda game done OCR style. Do I even have to tell you it’s awesome? You should already know.

The range of musical variety while staying true to the original melodies of the music is outstanding, but even more so because all the tracks manage to fit in together despite differences of genre. Music from other Zelda games are mixed in as well, though the music of LttP dominates the composition. Raining on Hyrule Castle by Will Rock is the standout track album with his triforce-like combination of rock guitar, horns, and synth keyboard. Truly a delight!

Materia Collective – Sprira: Music from Final Fantasy X

Materia Collective has become just as exciting as OCRemix when it comes to their big compilation releases. This one is a double-whopper as Spira: Music From Final Fantasy X are TWO albums with FIFTY songs each. It’s about 6 hours of FFX music arranged by a small army of musicians.

The Besaid Mix is a more of a classical and jazz collection while the Zanarkand Mix features a more contemporary collection of rock and electronic arrangements. Both albums have their strengths, though there are some goofy skits with Tidus and company sprinkled throughout.

The month of August had even MORE releases. While not as whopper as what we have talked about, definitely worth checking. Have a favorite from this month? Let us know what you think in the comments!

4 For Fake – Cyclotrode Covers
Hermes & Vedder – The Goddammit Soundtrack
KingTiger – FOUL
Laser Life – Swim
n00bstar – Quatre
NickelPUNK – Dead Horizon
RoboRob – RoboRob & Starby EP
Shiryu – Metroid Legacy: The Samus Aran Chronicles
Thugmasta J – Moon Detroit
unexpected bowtie – liberal exodus
yukkerom – yukkerom.ep


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