Nerd Music Releases: February 2017 Edition

Hey gang! It’s time to talk about the nerd music releases that came out in February. I now we’re a bit into March. But I had a birthday (mine) and February is a shorter month. I’m trying to think of some other excuses. A lot of you got the Nintendo Switch but I hope you’ll take the time to read this anyways. I didn’t get a Switch, but I have ten games in my possession that I have yet to beat so maybe I should clear the queue a bit before purchasing another game console?

Doug Funnie is a hip hop artist from Dallas who likes himself some Metal Gear Solid and pro wrestling. He played for a charity party I hosted last summer so he’s cool in my book. His latest release, The “L.O.S.T.” Mixtape is a mix of unreleased tracks and songs from his Indie Go Go campaign. The standout to me is the Ricky and Morty recap to get new fans caught up in time for the third season. There’s also a rap about the absurdity of being a Puzzle Fighter champion because who hosts tournaments for that? (But seriously, that should be a thing.)

It looks like we’re double-dippin on Dallas this month because Crayondroids decided to release a new EP. Who are Crayondroids? It’s RoboRob and Beaker making electronic rock music with their nerdcore buddies stopping by to drop the rhymes. We’re Not Friends features guests like Kabuto the Python, Mega Ran, Mikal kHill, and Lex Lingo. The title track stands out the most as it’s the most relatable because we all have our backstabbers and coattail-riders that get on our nerves.

It wouldn’t be a month of Nerd Music Releases without a video game cover album or two. Mustin from The OneUps and Dale North from the VGM community in general once did a bunch of cool video game covers together and decided to re-record and remaster them for More Than Mario 1.5. It’s a diverse set of arrangements with funk, R&B, synth, and hip hop instrumentals from games like Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, and lots of Super Mario games. There’s some great music to chill out to on hear so enjoy.

I’ve enjoyed the emergence of video game jazz covers over the last couple years. Even if I haven’t played the games, I still enjoy the music. Case in point: the latest Materia Collective release with insaneintherainmusic is Aloha That Jazz, a clever name for a Pokemon Sun & Moon tribute album. There are some other Pokemon games with their music featured here, leaving Aloha That Jazz to be a a fun, laid-back listen.

If you haven’t gotten sick of Undertale covers yet, here’s a new album from Materia Collective, featuring David Peacock and Augustine Mayuga Gonzales. UNDERTALE Piano Collections is as advertised. This album feature 15 piano renditions of music from the still-popular independent video game and sheet music along with the download if you want to practice piano on your own. I think we’ve gotten enough Undertale tributes and covers, at least until Mariachi Entertainment System jumps in.

If you want something with a bit more energy and for a good cause, Bitopia and Tiny Waves collaborated on Heartbeats for Chile, with proceeds going directly to Desafío Levantemos Chile, an NGO dedicated to helping victims of the recent Chilean wildfires. It’s a mix of electronic, chiptunes, and vocaloid, featuring tracks from Ben Briggs, Nanode, RoboRob, RoBKTA, Skyediver, and more. Definitely check it out and help out if you can.

That was a lot of stuff for February, but even more came out in this shortened month. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments.

A_Rival – Crypt of the Necromancer: The Melody Mixes AMPLIFIED
Alex Maurer – Overdrive
Astro the Fox – LOWLIFE / ADVANCE
blitzen – Player 1
chibi-tech – The Mutual Promise
ChronoWolf – Meet at the Gazebo
DJ-PIE – Zega Stuff
Double Tap – Live @ Shea Stadium
Jellyatrix – E Numbers
Klirre – Masturbation
lpower – winter songs
Masikus – Wolves in the Game Room
Shiryu – Echoes
The Travelers – Aontacht


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