Nerd Music Releases: October 2017 Edition

Welcome to a post-Halloween edition of Nerd Music Releases! October is always loaded with a bunch of great nerdy music releases, including some Halloween-themed fun and plenty of Castlevania. Things are finally starting to cool down in Florida, so here is some jams you can listen to when you start going outside again.

Careless Juja
Careless Juja World Tour Live Album

Careless Juja got together for a rare concert at EyeQ’s birthday show in Orlando at the end of September, and then a week later they released a mastered version of their concert for the entire world to enjoy. That is some pretty impressive turnaround. Even more so, since there is such a wide array of instruments used and the mix actually sounds good!

(Check out the recent Nerd Music Meltdown interview with Careless!)

There are about 15 different performers involved in the Careless Juja World Tour Live Album, with great covers from Earthbound, Cave Story, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and even a couple original tracks.My only issue with the album is that the live crowd sounds piped in during post-production. The track you definitely want to check out is Hollow Bastion, which features some strong vocals from Alyssa Kalugdan of Geekapella.


In a post-Trey Frey world, Nanode’s Void is about as good as it gets when it comes to chiptune EDM. Void has a very aggressive sound to it, though Nanode knows when to take the energy down to build up the intensity. There are some great rhythms and beats with plenty of great energy throughout, and if you are looking for chiptune to dance to, Void will get the job done.

Schaffer the Darklord
Junk Drawer Vol. 2

It’s been a bit since since STD’s last release so Junk Drawer Vol. 2 released with no prior hype was a big surprise. It’s a collection of singles that never got a release, and some of them have been either re-recorded or remixed, and some new jams like the too sweet One Fall, that pays homage to the greatest sport that is professional wrestling over Samoa Joe’s theme song.

Mark & Beverly was a 2014 collaborative track with Adam WarRock that was re-recorded with STD performing WarRock’s vocals, which left me with mixed feelings as I miss Adam. Schaffer the Darklord has a more sinister approach to his raps compared to other nerdcore artists. Schaffer’s flows, storytelling, and twisted sense of humor comes across well throughout Junk Drawer Vol. 2. If you are new to STD, this is actually a pretty good entry point into his music.

The Travelers
Ode to Lovers

I’ve enjoyed The Travelers this past year. They’ve had some really terrific releases that feature a different take to video game music, by playing in European folk arrangements. It works very well for music from RPGs and adventure games. Ode to Lovers is a collection of songs that focuses on the themes of love and romance.

As expected, The Travelers deliver more beautiful music that make you feel like you’re out questing with your party. The choices of music to arrange are simply iconic, featuring the Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV, Aria di Mazzo Carrattere (aka the Opera song) from Final Fantasy VI, and Song of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These are the songs that will warm your icy cold heart.

Since it is October, one video game series that comes to mind when Halloween approaches is Castlevania. Konami may have abandoned the franchise, but fans who make music still continue to produce their own tribute albums.

Louie Aronowitz put together a head-bangin’ homage to the first game with Thrashlevania, while The Plasmas have fist-pumping rock anthems of the original game, Simon’s Quest, and Super Castlevania IV with Holy Whiplash+. And then there is Materia Collective’s Resurrection of the Night, which is an orchestral rearrangement of Michuru Yamane’s legendary Symphony of the Night soundtrack. The quality of this release if off the charts, even on the Materia Collective scale. Even if you never played the game, you should just listen to hear how epic this is.

Of course, you may want more Halloween fare, especially if you want to keep the party going. Mega Ran put out Strangers, a short mixtape of character songs based on the first season of Stranger Things. A group of nerdcore artists got together once again for the Nerdcore Halloween 2017 compilation. Viking Guitar got a bunch of the video game bands and solo artists to once again contribute horror and Halloween-themed vgm covers for Danse Macabre 6. And then if you want to do a Halloween dance next year, Tiny Waves has SpookEP, which features some great video game dance remixes with horror-undertones. OverClocked Remix released another Halloween-themed album as well with Candy Corn II: The Sequeling.

Like I said before, October is the most packed month of the year for nerd music releases and there’s even more to check out below. Of course, let me know what you liked in the comments.

bleeds – Amnesia
Chip Jockey – Arcade Jockey
CZOFT – Stratocracy
Jean Baudin – 2600
mc chris – Marshmellow Campground
Multiplayer Charity –
NobleWereWolf – RedBitShift\BlueBitShift
OverClocked Remix – Heretic Symphony
Popsicle Theory –
soft t-shirts
Purely Grey – Searchlight
Saitone – Keepsake
Scythe – Chipscape
Sean Schafianski – Breath of Fire III Remastered
Shiryu – Society of None
Square Punch –
Tiny Waves – Mischief Makers Remixed
Yasumiyasumi – Tokyo Dreampop
Yoann Turpin – Spagelbuck: Orchestral Suite


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