Nerd Music Releases: September 2016 Edition

I’m a little late with the September nerd music releases, but it’s totally worth it. A couple big releases came in right at the end of the month. And, uh, I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta. It was a great time as I co-hosted a panel on nerd music with OverClocked Remix and None Like Joshua.  We covered quite a bit and the turnout was fantastic.

Also, Mega Ran released a remix of WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins’ new chiptuney theme song. It’s like they just realized that their fans also play video games. Anyways, some killer stuff came out this month. Let’s check it out!

The Megas – The Belmonths

The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night! Last month was the 30th anniversary of the legendary Castlevania video game series. Konami doesn’t care about it anymore, but many still do, including The Megas who took on a new form as The Belmonts, an amazing synth-rock with lyrics tributes to the series with a short be very sweet EP that will have you screaming HOLY WATER to the top of your lungs. Hopefully, this will result in a full album with more vampire killin’ tunes.

mc chris – mc chris is Dreaming

One of the most popular and polarizing emcees in nerdcore hip hop is back with a new album. mc chris is Dreaming is part tribute to the Friday the 13th films, and part story of a very youthful mc chris overcoming his fears and seeking out his dreams. There are some fun skits in here as mc chris struggles to survive the murderous terror of Freddie Kruger in his dreams. By the way, did you know mc chris is touring into Florida next week with MC Lars and Mega Ran? You better be there!

Super Guitar Bros – Nice.

The acoustic rock duo that are not actually brothers, but bros, are back with their second album, Nice. That is really their album cover, in case you were wondering. Sam and Steve went all out with a full album with amazing acoustic covers of tunes from Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, and more. The music of Super Guitar Bros is laid back and peaceful if you want to nerd out and chill out at the same time.

TekForce – Server Crash pt. 1

TekForce’s sophomore album, Server Crash pt. 1, is great storytelling through rhymes with intense delivery. It’s also a personal journey dealing with matters of struggle, race, and identity while tapping into TekForce’s love for video games and anime for the inspiration to persevere. It’s a very solid album and something a little different from other nerdcore releases, and in some cases, more polished.

Various Artists – Tribute Album 64

Patient Corgi, the same collective that produced the likes of Super VG Christmas Party and SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin are back with another epic mega-release. This time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 with Tribute Album 64. Many acts, including Kirby’s Dream Band, Careless Juja, Do a Barrel Roll!, Steel Samurai, The Runaway Four, and many more have captured the musical spirit of some of the greatest 64-bit video games ever.

The usual from Nintendo and Rare are here, but plenty of other great games are also represented including Sin & Punshiment, WCW/nWo Revenge, Quest 64, Ogre Battle 64, and Goemon’s Great Adventure. There are 87 tracks total and it is all free to download. Get N or get out!

Here is even more stuff from this past month! Check it all out and let me know what you think,

Aethernaut and The Chunderfins – Sugarnaut Chundercrisp
an0va – TBBR006 | Double Destiny
Emergency Pizza Party – The Very Worst Of
Emergency Pizza Party – Underground Dinosaurs
Materia Collective – FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute
Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and Mr. Miranda – To Japan With Love
Nanode – Hopes & Dreams: An Undertale Remix EP
NESMETAL – Hot Dog City 2: The Rise of Mustardo OST
Polygon Dimensions – Synonymous Dimensions
Popsicle Theory – Invincible
Popskyy – Sourkoolaid
robotsexmusic – live & direct
Saitone – Dazzle
TekForce – Server Crash pt. 1


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