Nerd Music Videos Worth Checking Out #01

We talk a lot about nerd music here on Florida Geek Scene, from shows happening in Florida, to new releases and even podcast interviews. Nerd music matters, because not only is it an extension of our fandom, but also at times a reflection of our life style. It’s creative, it’s inspiring, and it’s fun.

Being connected to a lot of performers in our community, I saw a thread about the lack of appreciation for music videos that are made as well. I thought about it, and there are some good ones out there that deserve some eyes, ears, and love. With that said, here are some music videos I have have recently enjoyed:

Mega Ran’s had a bunch of music videos made over the year’s. OP is a newer one, featuring him and Richie Branson trapped in a Nintendo Game Boy 2.5D Mega Man-style platformer with Tron cycle sections. It’s a lot of fun and the song, which relates Ran and Richie to overpowered characters of fiction, works well on their path of destruction.

A lot of fans are looking forward to the next season of the new Voltron. Before that every came to be, nerdcore founder MC Frontalot teamed up with ZeaLouS1 and Dr. Awkward to create I’ll Form the Head, a song that poked fun at the concept of five mecha pilots who fight over you gets to form the head when the battle space monsters ever week.

Geek rockers Sci-Fried have turned Sith since their animated music video Embrace the Dark Side came out. The Empire is recruiting, and they want you to join! I’m sure it will turn out all right if you do. Those pesky Jedi try to intervene during the recruitment process, but unfortunately for them, they will have to face off against the new members of the Sith.

Back in the 2000s, The Adventures of Duane & BrandO dominated YouTube with hilarious video game raps and music videos that used sprites of classic video games to show the story their song was telling. They went on hiatus for several years but have recently resurfaced, with this Super Mario Bros. 3 rap that features more ambitious production on the music videos. Lot’s of cool close up shots, effects, other things pop in to make sure this more than reusing old sprites.  Brentafloss also shows up.

YTCracker is one of the OGs of nerdcore hip hop, and because of that, was one of the first to have music videos. For that reason, I wanted to show off The Link because it’s a classic and a fun song and video about the rise of the nerds. It also samples Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which a way better game than it gets credit for.

I wanted to end with a departure from the animated music videos. They are great, but I also dig well-done live performace videos. Super Soul Bros has always impressed me with not only the quality of their music, but also how professional their presentation comes off. They recorded a live album last year, and one of those songs on it is from the performance of Meglovania from Undertale. Lots of great shots and the sound if most excellent. If you have not yet, you should check these guys out.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, Perhaps that made you new fans of any of these acts or maybe you can appreciate this great musical niche a little more? Let us know in the comments and see you next time!


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Kent Ward was created from the combination of anime, classic videogames, and pro wrestling. His obsession with crazy cartoons from Japan led to the founding of Propeller Anime, a prominent anime club in Orlando, FL. Kent also runs Ongaku Overdrive, a music festival dedicated to all sorts of music inspired by anime, videogames, and all things geeky. You can follow him on twitter @FistoftheMFK.

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