NYCC vs. SDCC: Who’s Comic Con is best, and how to attend the 2013 show



Like the rivalries found in the pages of comic books and their adaptations, the attendees of the Sand Diego Comic Con and the New York Comic Con have had a heated rivalry about whose Comic Con is best.  We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each and how to get badges for the 2013 shows.
Often the platform for showcasing exclusive previews and sneak peeks of the upcoming summer blockbusters, as well as media meet-and-greets with the stars and booths filled with actors from the hottest TV shows, the San Diego Comic Con has some serious weight behind it.  The SDCC, in the past several years, has been focusing mainly on films; while it still has comic book booths and panels, this is the event of the year to see samples and get the inside track on what will be (or hope to be) the biggest movies of the summer.  The actors playing comic book heroes and villains give the press and attendees a look into their characters, their history (or lack thereof) with the comics and a chance for fans and media to delve into or skewer the film.  For many, this is the reason to go to Comic Con: the exclusivity and proximity to these films, filmmakers and actors.
At about 125,000 attendees per year, the SDCC is a bigger event than the NYCC, but with that come some setbacks.  The amount of people means long lines, and by long we’re talking upwards of five hours; this means you’ll likely have to select one person to meet per day, a choice which might be painstaking for some as the SDCC generally has some of the more popular guests.  There is also the food at the SDCC to consider—rather, the lack thereof—and the overcrowded Artist Alley.
The NYCC on the other hand offers a bit more room to breathe and walk; and with that comes the increased access to booths, the Artist Alley and guests.  While the showroom is a bit smaller and not as much about the next big blockbuster, this is the Comic Con for those more interested in comics and meeting many of the creators of favorites like The Walking Dead and Preacher.  Unlike SDCC there is also more of a culinary variety, which, as you’re spending hours on the floor, is always a bonus.
Getting tickets to the 2013 shows has already begun for the SDCC, offering preregistration for those who attended the 2012 show back in August of 2012.  Those who missed last year’s show will have to wait until the open registration period sometime in early 2013—and you’ll need a Comic Con Member Id just to know when the tickets will go on sale.  This gives a considerable edge to the NYCC in terms of the rivalry.  Tickets for the 2013 NYCC will be going on sale in waves throughout 2013 to assure they don’t all sell out at once.
Overall, if you’re a fan of comics you can’t go wrong with either show.  When making your decisions on which to attend you’ll have to decide which emphasis you prefer: film or comics.  And if you can’t decide, attend both.


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