All true nerds and geeks love Easter Eggs, especially those that directly reference our other geeky, nerdy loves. So far, ABC’s new series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been giving us a lot of that, with references to every canonical movie in the unified Marvelverse, as well as a few nods to the comics themselves. However, the show, which is produced and helmed by Geek Demi-God Joss Whedon, shot us a rather hidden but much loved reveal in the second episode.

Maybe you caught it, and maybe it just danced around on the edge of your brain, but it was absolutely there:
The airplane which is lovingly called “The Bus,” is laid out internally almost exactly like the Firefly ship Serenity. Mind blown? Check it…


As we all know (by we, I mean fellow people who do things like spend hours searching the web for blueprint specs of a made-up spaceship), the Firefly class ship Serenity, which was home to Captain Mal and his band of misfits for ONLY THIRTEEN GOD-DAMN EPISODES FUCK YOU FOX YOU PIECE OF SHIT NOBODY ASS FUCKS TARD SHIT PANTS BAGEL CARBERATOR………….

Sorry. *Ahem.* The ship’s laid out as such:
Main entrance through the hangar, which leads on the same level to the medical bay/lab, or up the stairs on the sides of the bay to the upper level, which leads to the main area of the cabin/dining area. Individual bunks are up front along the main hallway to the cockpit.

As we saw tonight, that’s how the “Bus” is laid out as well. The main difference is, because it’s a plane, the engines are on the wings outside, so no swinging hammock in the back for the, cute, sassy, simple-but-brilliant female engineer.

I’ll keep watching, and if you guys catch any other cool Easter Eggs, other than obvious “we found a hammer”-esque dialogue, comment below.


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