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The Cloak & Blaster pub stands out among all of Orlando’s attractions as a noisy mead hall of heroes, Hrothgar’s place on the east side. A bar and restaurant full of gaming tables, with a library of games for use by patrons – I spotted Axis & Allies, Cards Against Humanity, and Munchkin – the C&B attracted a line of people waiting for tables on Saturday, June 27th.

Josh Rivers, 25, a Pathfinder gamemaster, Sid Meier’s: Civilization video game enthusiast and craft beer fan, liked the food and the atmosphere. Drinking a Black Cannon from the long beer menu, he said, “The burger was really good, actually cooked medium – most places when you order it medium, they make it well done, so it was actually cooked really well”.

Claus Lynn, a student from Fort Lauderdale, was there playing the board game Risk: Walking Dead. “It’s my first time here, it seems like a pretty legit place”, he said, with “great food, great drinks”. He thought the C&B would appeal to all sorts of table top gamers. Mr. Lynn is also a fan of Masquerade, the card game, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Brian Cox was on a date with his wife of ten years, made possible by a visit from his mother-in-law, who was babysitting their kids. The Coxes enjoy Munchkin and Magic: The Gathering together, and Mr. Cox thought the Cloak & Blaster was a “pretty cool place to hang out”, and a “really fun place to be around, with people of like mind”. He admired how well engineered the space was to accommodate gaming with its many spacious tables.

In addition to the table top play, the C&B also has console games at the bar.

My own party of three checked out Larceny from the C&B’s library. Larceny is a card game where players compete to accomplish heists – in any given heist, you can either win nothing, or win one catch, or win both catches and the score. In the very first heist, the score was The Necronomicon Ex Mortis, which I took with both catches. The next score was the Vatican Secret Archives Index, and later, H.P. Lovecraft’s tombstone turned up. I felt that Uncle Howard was smiling down on the Cloak & Blaster.

The Cloak & Blaster is located at 875 Woodbury Rd., Ste. 108, Orlando FL 32828.



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