The Six Type of People You’re Bound to See at Conventions


Every geek in Florida (and probably everyone reading goes to conventions. Of course there are many others that happen throughout the year but it’s MegaCon that really draws in the crowd because of the big names and big convention.

This isn’t just about the convention, though. It’s about the people. Because anyone that has been can definitely tell you there’s a wild cast of characters that come rolling through them hallways and lurking about on those convention floors.
What type of people you ask? Here are six you’re bound to find at any convention:

1. The Average Joe’s

A show like MegaCon 2014 brought in about 80,000 people and if all you saw were pictures coming from those that really follow the conventions and cosplay than you’re not seeing it all. There are a lot more average dressed people roaming around than you’ll find people dressing up. They’re still having a blast taking in the sights. There are certainly a bunch that are waaaay out of their element. But overall it’s a mixture that keeps the vibes good.

2. The Anime Types

You know the ones. The anime types seem to either go minimal or go all out. They’ll go at it alone or they’ll go in entire groups. These fans can decide on cosplaying as some truly obscure characters and there are others going as the iconic stars of the show. I always love seeing the anime people because as strange as some of them can be (there’s only so many times someone following you and meowing doesn’t have you questioning sanity) they’re all really awesome people.

3. The Card & Tabletop Gamers

The convention is the pinnacle of gaming especially those wanting to play games like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Munchkin, D&D, Catan, and all the others. You usually don’t see these people unless you wander off into the gaming rooms because they treat it like an event of its own. Once they’re locked into a tournament they probably won’t be leaving until the end of the day. Intimidating to get in there? Yes. But if you’re into these games it’s the best time to test your skills and meet some new friends that share the same gaming hobby.

4. The Same-Old, Same-Old Vendors

Look. I love attending cons as much as the next person (I’ve been plenty of times) but one thing that irks me (and I’m sure it does to you too) is the vendors that are setup that have the exact same thing as everyone other vendor. There’s not a lot of fun in that. They won’t haggle on the price. They have apparel, gadgets, trinkets, and all those other do-dads that you can find online. They’re usually swamped with people, too, which is kind of a shame because there are so many other, more awesome vendors scattered around selling really unique and rare stuff.
5. The Video Game Junkies

Like the anime crowd you’re going to see a TON of people dressed up as their favorite video game character. You’ll see a lot of Street Fighter, Mario, and, of course, Legend of Zelda cosplay. A lot of these people get it right. I love seeing someone as Link that actually has one of the multi chamber ocarinas (like the ones I’ve seen on Songbird) and can actually play it. I also especially love seeing the parodies of video game characters like when people go low-end and just embrace the cardboard and duct-tape.

6. The Comic Lovers

And who could leave out the comic lovers. MegaCon is pretty good for this (though there are some smaller ones which provide a better environment) but if you’re hounding to find comics (and talk to a lot of the developers and artists on them) then you’ve got to get over to this con. Doubly so if you’re into watching the shows they’re based on because MegaCon is always bringing a lot of people in to do panels and meet-and-greets.


Conventions are awesome in Florida, no doubt. It’s a huge state and even though we game, comic, sci-fi, and all things geek seem to be spread out we still come together for a few weird days of fun. It’s also awesome seeing so many new conventions popping up in the Sunshine state. Soon we’re going to be able to bounce from con to con like some epic road trip! But I can bet that wherever you show up you’re bound to run into these types of convention peoples. Some are strange, some are wild, some are mind-blowing but if there’s one thing for sure it’s that they’re all awesome.


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