Totally awesome projects you won’t get around to


We’ve all had those moments, you know the one where you’re looking around at random pics on the internet and bam! There’s that totally awesome thing. You know how they made that – YOU could make that – and then you don’t. Spoiler warning~ That’s going to happen again today.


Papercraft Hogwarts


If you’ve got a few weeks, a masters in architecture and the ability to speak basic German you too can have this 1:160 scale papercraft model of everyone’s favorite wizarding school somewhere around your living room. The requirements maybe slightly exaggerated (emphasis on the slightly part) however you should be prepared to crack out the Felix Felicis (and google translate)

 Have at it here




Fully Functioning Turret


Just because you don’t work for weta workshop doesn’t mean you too can’t protect your precious nurseries from burglars or an oncoming android invasion the way good old uncle cave intended it, and here fellow astronaut, war hero, and/or Olympian is how




Full Scale Tardis


With all of the step by step wiki hows, instructables and merchandise available on the net, I am extremely disappointed to say that there is not nearly enough people with a Tardis in their houses as there should be. You can find one here. Side note-she seemed to have packed on a few pounds in this one…



Ultra -Realistic Cloud Strife Cosplay


Sorry to say if your looking to rock this at the next comic-con your pretty much on your own,though I’m pretty sure it has something to do with cardboard boxes and an underground ritual allowing Tetuya Nomura to temporarily posses your body.




That one cake you saw on pintrest


I seen enough Ace of Cakes to know where this is going…



Happy procrastinating!

(Pics of Hogwarts castle taken from






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