Will This Be Our New Doctor? Here’s Hoping!


Will This Be Our New Doctor? Here’s Hoping!

With the announcement of a new Doctor in the Doctor Who franchise, fans have been filled with nothing but questions. The choice of Peter Capaldi to (THANKFULLY) replace the abysmal Matt Smith as the man in the big blue box has angered the crop of 14 – 19 year old Twihard fangirls who liked that big-chinned Time Lord abortion since day one, and I couldn’t be happier at their misfortune, and the rest of the world’s gain. I’m a big fan of Capaldi, and think he will do a solid job, though I’m still pissed, much like all real Who fans, that Steven Moffat and his fellow talentless cronies continue to run the show. The big question will be: What kind of Doctor can we expect Mr. Capaldi to play? Personally, I hope that his Doctor is less Smith-y, and more like his character of Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It. Apparently, I’m not the only one, as this video shows.

WARNING: NSFW!! (Unless you work where I work, at home, in your underwear, bitching about Sci-Fi)



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