With Great Preaching Comes Great Entertainment


Praise for Persistence

A few years ago, Seth Rogen was being interviewed by Howard Stern and the subject of comic books came up. Seth told Howard that his favorite comic book writer was Garth Ennis, the mastermind behind “Preacher,” the comic book series that ran from 1995 to 2000. Fast forward to last month, and it was announced that Seth and his partner Evan Goldberg, will bring the comic book series to television on AMC. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sam Catlin from “Breaking Bad” will be the Showrunner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll of this is good news for “Preacher” fans because a true lover of the comic book series is producing it. Mr. Rogen said, “This is amazing! We’ve tried for seven years to work on “Preacher” and we’re so psyched AMC is finally letting us. It is our favorite comic of all time, and we’re going to do everything we can to do it right. Humperdoo!” This is not a Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher Batman scenario. Someone that cherishes the comic book and its characters is at the helm. The outlook for a compelling television adaptation is promising.

The Right Time and Place

Since “Preacher” ended with its last comic in the fall of 2000, its television or movie adaptation has been rumored several times, but it never materialized into anything substantial. The story is so character driven and involving that it really wouldn’t work as a movie. It needs time and installments to develop properly. Much of television has morphed into a miniseries-type platform, and with shows like, “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Game of Thrones” being so successful, it is now the perfect time for “Preacher” to arise.

This show will rock people. Some will be delighted, while others will be appalled. It is the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher of sorts with the power of command. Whatever he tells someone to do, they are compelled by godly forces to oblige. You might think that holding this superpower makes one invincible, but wait until you see Jesse’s trial and tribulations. Most of his encounters are with the sickest and most twisted individuals that you would ever want to meet. His travels through the bowels of America slurp you in and spit you out like a chunk of chewed meat. And if the show is anything like the comic book, you will be thankful to be that piece of masticated cuisine.

Along for the Ride

The supporting characters are a band of misfits, listed beautifully here by Comic Vine, each as memorable as the next in their own right. There’s a gun-toting lover, a hard drinking buddy (that happens to be a vampire), a mean cowboy on a hellish mission and arguably, one of the most freakishly fascinating villains to ever appear in comic book panels. If you dare, pick up the first couple of trade paperbacks and give them a read. If you don’t find yourself completely offended or vomiting, you will shoot through all nine trades in no time.

Jesse Custer

Not Your Everyday Hero

Jesse Custer isn’t your classic superhero with all of the attached cultural celebration. He doesn’t have an alarm clock at Super Hero Stuff like Spider-Man, a golf driver cover at the WB Shop like Batman, or even his own slot game at the Betfair Arcade like Superman. There is no fanfare or recognition for his good deeds. He is a quiet hero with a brutal punishing tongue. Who knows how America will react to his television presence? The only certainty is that Preacher is coming, and Hell follows with him.


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