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By Casey Covel, August 25, 2017 0 Convention Report

Being a geek has its payoffs. For example, I’ve had to become a pretty dedicated person to hang onto my geek cred—scoring 100% completion runs, exploring every installment in my favorite series, and making four-hour roundtrips to Florida’s biggest anime… Read More »

By Casey Covel, June 19, 2017 0 Convention Report

If you’re the kind of person who reaches for Pocky before KitKats, you’re going to want to mark Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) on your 2018 calendar with a pair of sparkling bishojo eyes. The yin to Florida Anime Experience’s yang,… Read More »

By Casey Covel, June 6, 2017 0 Convention Report

I’ve been attending Megacon for nearly as long as I’ve been waiting on Kingdom Hearts III to release on the PS3 PS4. And, like that elusive third installment, Megacon has seen numerous reimaginings in the last few years—changing hands and… Read More »

By Casey Covel, March 15, 2017 0 Convention Report

Otaku culture values a lot of things–community, open-mindedness, art, pocky… But two valuables I find especially prevalent among anime aficionados are “breadth” and “depth.” Breadth is the desire to enjoy variety—that spice of life that broadens our appreciation for culture,… Read More »

By Casey Covel, August 4, 2016 0 Convention Report

AFO was my second-ever Con. I first attended back in 2012 with a group of good friends, now a little more drawn apart by college, life, and careers. Looking over my shoulder at the past four years I’ve spent returning… Read More »

By Casey Covel, July 17, 2016 0

Here’s the bottom line: Chung’s is everything I want to taste in an egg roll.

By Casey Covel, July 5, 2016 0

Valentino’s is hand-tossed, home-cooked, and original—not your average Little Caesar’s or Domino’s slice of pizza.

By Casey Covel, June 7, 2016 0

Part slice-of-life and part supernatural fantasy, Onkei walks in the footsteps of Hotarubi no Mori e with dashes of Spirited Away’s mythological encounters.

By Casey Covel, June 3, 2016 0 Convention Report

I’ll admit it: last year’s Megacon experience had me worried. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy myself, that the staff was rude, or that I had to wade through three hours of traffic to reach a coveted parking space. Something… Read More »

By Casey Covel, May 20, 2016 0

If you’re craving sushi, drive over to your local Publix and nab a fresh, cold tray of your favorite maki roll.

By Casey Covel, April 26, 2016 0

P. F. Chang’s chicken fried rice is best served in small portions as the side dish to a larger entrée, such as a sushi tray, stir fry plate, or fillet of fish.

By Casey Covel, April 14, 2016 0

Wild-caught seafood isn’t easy to come by, even in Floridian restaurants, but Dixie gets theirs straight from Port Canaveral. It doesn’t get much more home-cooked than that.

By Casey Covel, March 23, 2016 0

Perfect for the die-hard fan willing to do the necessary barrel rolls past the proverbial bogies.

By Casey Covel, March 8, 2016 0 Convention Report

Following a year focused almost exclusively on Attack on Titan, OMNI Expo returned last weekend with a new location and a lot more variety. The Scoop: What – a sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comic, gaming, and pop culture convention located in… Read More »

By Casey Covel, February 28, 2016 0 Event Report

Infinite Mushroom—the geek capital of Titusville—kicked off a new year of nerdery with its very first Independent Comic Showcase. Centered in the Sears Town Mall and free to attendees, the comic book bash saw the attendance of cosplayers, fans, independent… Read More »

By Casey Covel, February 3, 2016 0 Convention Report

Orlando Toy and Comic Con could not be better named. Considered an annual Orlando staple in every otaku’s, True Believer’s, gamer’s, geek’s, Trekkie’s, and Jedi’s pilgrimage, the one-day event brought out its A-game this year for another memorable experience. The… Read More »

By Casey Covel, January 26, 2016 0

Whether you’re desiring a quiet sanctuary, looking for free Wi-Fi, or needing a healthy, all-natural power meal to jumpstart your day, Sunrise has you (and your carbs) covered.