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By Casey Covel, May 28, 2015 0 Convention Report

If Cons were kids, one might say that OMNI Expo is a boisterous, excited two-year-old. Running from May 22nd-24th, this ambitious Con set out to make unforgettable memories for its fans. According to those fans, OMNI succeeded: “I had an… Read More »

By Casey Covel, May 19, 2015 0

Whatever you’re craving—beef, chicken, or vegetable—Panda delivers the flavor… without bursting your belt.

By Casey Covel, April 24, 2015 0

As a fun appetizer to split with friends over lunch, it’s hard to go wrong with loaded rice fries.

By Casey Covel, April 15, 2015 0

If you’re willing to splurge a few more dollars, and treat yourself to something special, you’ll find Kirin Sushi’s signature rolls outshine most of its less expensive offerings.

By Casey Covel, March 20, 2015 0 Fan Made Short Film

Founded over five years ago, the fan-organization known as The Zelda Project has dedicated itself to bringing the beloved Legend of Zelda series to life through a marriage of fantastical photography and professional cosplay. Comprising a  team of cosmetic, photographic,… Read More »

By Casey Covel, March 9, 2015 0

The official Panera Bread website claims that their latest menu addition is an “Asian-inspired… combin[ation] [of] exotic and delicious ingredients.” And they’re being quite honest about that first part.

By Casey Covel, February 6, 2015 0

The Signature Fried Rice from P.F. Chang combines the tender, fresh ingredients of your favorite Chinese food. Ready to eat in minutes.

By Casey Covel, February 1, 2015 0 Crowdfunding

Up-and-coming indie game developer, Hamhock Games, has announced their first title—a game aptly named CatFish—that recently premiered at Otronicon 2015. In a world where fish rule the seas, you must take control of a fearless Cat and set sail after… Read More »

By Casey Covel, January 3, 2015 0

Is Sly Cooper really worth a steal? Let’s jump in the get-away car and find out.

By Casey Covel, January 3, 2015 0

Static Arts releases chibi-fied, Theatrhythm-inspired figurines for its Final Fantasy collectors.

By Casey Covel, December 6, 2014 0

The offspring of Panda Express and Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Sus Hi Eatstation is a one-of-a-kind, sushi-building experience to satisfy your “inner ninja.”

By Casey Covel, December 3, 2014 0

Link has at last been brought to the Figma line for your collecting pleasure.

By Casey Covel, November 24, 2014 0

Phoenix Wright and co. transform into rubber phone-strap counterparts in commemoration of Dual Destinies… and they’ve never looked so adorable.

By Casey Covel, November 3, 2014 0

Packaging: Following the new Kai Arts packaging, both Sora and Riku come in detailed, colorful boxes with snap-open Velcro clasps…. Read More »

By Casey Covel, October 4, 2014 0

SQUARE re-releases Tidus and Yuna to the Play Arts Kai line… and they’ve never looked so good!

By Casey Covel, October 3, 2014 0 Event Report

A crowd of enthusiastic Disney-goers gathered in a modest corner of the Ticket and Transportation Center, avoiding a bit of mid-day drizzle from the overcast skies. These might have been any ordinary guests at the Magic Kingdom—the boiling excitement certainly… Read More »

By Casey Covel, September 20, 2014 0 Movie News

In an effort to preserve the dying art of 2D, hand-drawn films, 25-year Disney animation veteran, James Lopez (The Lion King, Pocahontas, Paperman), is launching a project, currently entitled Hullabaloo. The short film—a Victorian sci-fi, otherwise known as “steampunk”—follows the… Read More »