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By Mark Viola, August 21, 2013 0

Logan’s Run: Last Day #0 William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson Blue Water Comics 2013 Hey, friends and fans. Back… Read More »

By Mark Viola, August 14, 2013 0

Resident Alien: The Suicide Blonde #0 Peter Hogan, Steve Parkhouse Dark Horse Comics 2013 Another “Both Barrels Comic Book Review,”… Read More »

By Mark Viola, August 7, 2013 0

  Lou Ferrigno’s: The Liberator #1 Cirile, Pope, Kissell Blue Water Comics 2013  Welcome to my new semi-regular comic review… Read More »

By Mark Viola, June 3, 2013 0 Article

    Iron man 3: Or, How to $&#@ Up a Good Thing I could have written this article the day the movie was released; the day hundreds of thousands of Fanboys and Fangirls like myself had waited for since… Read More »

By Mark Viola, May 28, 2013 4 Article

    I’ve been away from my home here at FGS for a little bit, mostly spending my time scouring the countryside for lost reel-to-reels of A for Andromeda, and writing Jack of All Trades fan-fiction, but I’m back, and… Read More »

By Mark Viola, November 5, 2012 19 Article

There; I said it.  The 11th Doctor, played by the mostly untalented Matt Smith, needs to head for the big blue police box in the sky.  In the opinion of this author (and huge Doctor Who fan from waaaayyyy back),… Read More »

By Mark Viola, October 15, 2012 0 Movies

With rumors floating around that Disney might be looking into rebooting their 1991 box-office let down, and perpetual underdog comic, The Rocketeer, it seems to be a good time to revisit the original, and acknowledge its highs and lows. I’ve… Read More »

By Mark Viola, July 19, 2012 5 Comic Books

The success of The Avengers has done more than prove that there are still billions to be made in the CBM genre; it has inspired the geekdom of the inter-webs to declare that the next logical step is a full… Read More »

By Mark Viola, July 18, 2012 2 Movie Trailers

There are very few certainties in life; yeah, death and taxes are on the certainty list, along with long waits for decent video game releases and Alan Moore’s brilliant lunacy.  But here’s a guaranteed certainty for you; there will never… Read More »

By Mark Viola, June 25, 2012 1 Article

Comic-book movies are great; I love them, you love them, blah, blah, blah.  What needs to be addressed now is why we aren’t seeing more live action comic-book T.V.  Yeah, there are the classics, like Batman, Wonder Woman, and The… Read More »

By Mark Viola, June 12, 2012 4 Movies

“Has anyone here seen The Avengers?”  At this point, that is one of the most ridiculous questions you can ask a group of people with both of their original hips.   With a $1.36 billion world-wide box office (so far), everyone… Read More »