This Or The Apocalypse – Interview with Ricky Armellino

Most unfamiliar with Lancaster County, Pennsylvania typically associate it with sprawling rural environments and Amish populations. Those who have spent time in the central PA location can speak of an entirely different portrait of Lancaster. They have experienced the “big city” atmosphere mixed with the earnest hard work ethos of a small town. They know of the thriving and vibrant downtown arts and music scene, which has produced a number of ground breaking local music acts. They can also tell you the benefit of its close proximity to 5 major US cities. It is this blend of circumstances that established the creative approach, broad vision, and DIY principles of This or the Apocalypse. They are a band that exhibits the patience and dedication to step outside the box to create something both heavy and unique. Their craft of song is intelligent, scathing, honest and even uplifting.

Scott: How’s it going Ricky, this is Scott from Florida Geek Scene.
Ricky Armellino: Hey Scott; always a pleasure. Hope to come by the store again soon; my collection has all been read a couple times.
Scott: Tell me about This Or The Apocalypse.
Ricky Armellino: We’re a band. Haha. There’s a lot to say of it and not a lot at the same time.
Scott: What’s new with the band since Haunt What’s Left ?
Ricky Armellino: we’ve had a few line up changes. About to record anther cd.
Scott: What were some of the TOTA’s insperations for HWL ?
Ricky: I was listening to lots of Rage Against the Machine and Verse. Some of the band was spinning periphery and Lamb of God’s newer stuff pretty often.
Scott: What’s happening in your off time ? Is TOTA working on a new album ?
Ricky: I’ve been raising a baby corgi and the band and I have constructed a new album.
Scott: If you could pick one song off of Haunt What’s Left, which would be your favorite, and why ?
Ricky: Subverse. We put that one together after I had done some of the vocal pre-production and after the producer gave me a few thumbs up all of the sudden my guitar riffs I was fighting to put on the jam list became great ideas.
Scott: What kind of geek stuff are the members of TOTA into ?
Ricky: I am a news geek and browse reddit every day. I also listen to lots of underground hip hop. Rod/Jack are craft brew nerds. Brent really likes bad movies. Matt is just a disaster and has to have new apple stuff that he can’t afford.
Scott: What bands have you toured with and which bands are you looking forward to touring with in the future ?
Ricky: Trying to get on tour with Wu-Tang. Toured with everyone else.
Scott: Describe to me a TOTA fan.
Ricky: Probably 88% white. The stuff that you can see at least. Actually, I generally assumed all of our fans were really conservative Christian types and lately I’ve been asking our Facebook fans for podcast/documentary recommendations. Turns out they like cooler stuff than I do.
Scott: What’s the crowd like at a TOTA show ?
Ricky: They vary. We love stage dives.
Scott: Anything crazy ever happen while on tour ? If so, what was the craziest thing ever ?
Ricky: Brett Michaels called the cops on us.
Scott: Why did Brett Michaels call the cops on you ?
Ricky: We threw beer cans at his tour bus and taped posters all over it.

This Or The Apocalypse

This Or The Apocalypse

Scott: What are some of the cool things that the members of TOTA get to do while together on tour ?
Ricky: Going sight seeing. It’s the best. Beautiful country.
Scott: Are any of you in to comic books or video games ?
Ricky: I’m really the main comic guy but jack read all the ones you gave me and I think he could develop a hobby. He thought Crossed was nuts. We all enjoy a little bit of recreational video games. I’m probably the only guy who’d ever invest time in an rpg though. I beta tested Everquest and used to do private Ultima Online servers.
Scott: XBox360 or PS3 ?
Ricky: Brent brought a ps3 over but it doesn’t work for some reason. 360.
Scott: Am I right in assuming that this is possibly the best interview that you have ever took part in ?
Ricky: By a long shot.
Scott: Any last words ?
Ricky: Getting around to starting Breaking Bad tonight finally.




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