Bring Magic to The Cloak & Blaster Gaming Pub for Geeks!


Help finish Florida’s first tabletop gaming pub! We are forging a haven for the local geek community fit for any adventuring party.

The world has changed. We feel it in the autograph lines. We smell it in the cons. The Age of the Geek has arrived!

The time has come to build a home where people can come together, make friends, and be around other people who love the same things they do without fear of judgment or harassment. A home where those nerds can geek out over their favorite TV shows, host weekly D&D campaigns, and enjoy some of the best craft beers, wines, ciders, and meads available.

At The Cloak & Blaster, we’re building Florida a creative haven where nerds from all genres can geek out and get their game on. No more basements. No more sports bars.

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