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By Brian Downes, April 16, 2015 0 Article

For Bianca Roman-Stumpff, the Road goes ever on and on, down to the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and she must follow, if she can. How did all this begin? With an unexpected party…. Read More »

By Scott, April 14, 2015 0 Article

As a fan of comic books, and superheroes a lot of the time what goes on in my head is about what heroes or villains would fit together and make up a supergroup. In over seventy five years of comic… Read More »

By Kent Ward, March 28, 2015 1 Article

This Sunday will be the biggest professional wrestling show of the year, WWE’s WrestleMania 31! Or WrestleMania Play Button? After thirty years, the numbers are being ditched in favor of symbols. But enough about that. How is the show looking?… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, February 28, 2015 0 Article

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut the Cord With all the talk of cutting the cord, and increasing concerns over company mergers, it might seem like dropping your subscription TV service is the way to go. While it is true that… Read More »

By Cuppcakes, February 17, 2015 0 Article

Whether its a convention, club or event, if its the in the name of fandom who couldn’t think of a better place to spend time with the only people who could understand you in your own little world Unfortunately though,… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, December 30, 2014 0 Article

One of the best things about living in the new millennium is just how easy it is to go your own way, especially as someone who does something creative. Our parents, if they wanted to earn a living with music… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, December 30, 2014 0 Article

Before there was Street Cleaning Simulator, Goat Simulator, and the plethora of other sim games on the market today, there was only one: the flight simulator. The original consumer version was released way back in the late 1970s, before most… Read More »

By Brian Downes, November 1, 2014 0 Article

Suppose that you were selected as a child for intense training in politics, military strategy, and the martial arts. Suppose that your life was guided through many years of demanding study, and many perilous tests of your resolve, with the… Read More »

By Brian Downes, October 19, 2014 0 Article

This lesson from the Downes’ School of the Gamemaster’s Art will be about how the brain works, how the body works, how environment affects both, and how to use all that for more successful adventures. A tragic fact of our… Read More »

By Brian Downes, September 17, 2014 0 Article

And so begin our sunny days of Gods & Monsters. Two Orlando geeks of long pedigree and impressive connections are launching a grand bazaar of nerd on International Drive, with the aim of making O-town a destination for science fiction… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, September 3, 2014 0 Article

With the calendar rapidly approaching October, it’s time to start planning which movies you are going to go see to get yourselves in the Halloween mood. Unfortunately, Hollywood has started moving away from unleashing a bevy of scary movies during… Read More »

By Guesly Daniel, August 31, 2014 0 Article

Sin City a dame to kill for is finally in theaters but, where are the movie patrons? Oh I know watching Guardians of the Galaxy continue its dominance in the box office! Only grossing 6.3 million dollars thus far according… Read More »

By Raisa, August 4, 2014 0 Article

Zack Snyder, the director of the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman, recently tweeted an image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman shown below. Many concerns have been brought up about the new costume such as the similarity to the… Read More »

By Brian Downes, July 24, 2014 0 Article

In this lesson from the Downes’ School of the Gamemaster’s Art, we’ll see techniques for how the gamemaster can interface most successfully with her players once play has begun. The first rule of that is this…make them do the work…. Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, July 13, 2014 0 Article

    Have you ever watched a show or a movie and thought to yourself “this is a real good show, I wonder how it would have worked out if it was tried many years before?” Well, just in case… Read More »

By Brian Downes, July 12, 2014 0 Article

If paint hangs on a nail within twenty miles of Lake Eola, Parker Sketch is there. A prolific Orlando painter and curator of art shows, Sketch was recognized as a leading art advocate by The Orlando Weekly in 2012 and… Read More »

By Brian Downes, July 4, 2014 0 Article

    The Cloak & Blaster pub stands out among all of Orlando’s attractions as a noisy mead hall of heroes, Hrothgar’s place on the east side. A bar and restaurant full of gaming tables, with a library of games… Read More »