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By Brian Downes, July 4, 2014 0 Article

    The Cloak & Blaster pub stands out among all of Orlando’s attractions as a noisy mead hall of heroes, Hrothgar’s place on the east side. A bar and restaurant full of gaming tables, with a library of games… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 16, 2014 0 Article

  Every geek in Florida (and probably everyone reading goes to conventions. Of course there are many others that happen throughout the year but it’s MegaCon that really draws in the crowd because of the big names and big… Read More »

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By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 6, 2014 0 Article

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By Mike Favata, June 1, 2014 1 Article

  One of the first places rare or leaked action figures seem to hit is Tabao, the most recent being Hasbro’s SDCC 2014 exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Set. Tabao is one of China’s many versions of eBay but seemingly the biggest… Read More »

By Brian Downes, May 30, 2014 2 Article

Welcome to the Downes School of The Gamemaster’s Art. Your card is The Magician, because gamemastering is a continuous act of Merlivingian will. Only leaders and scholars survive. In this series of articles for Florida Geek Scene, I will be… Read More »

By Raisa, May 2, 2014 0 Article

    I noticed there were rumors circulating that Disney has announced all Star Wars Expanded Universe material non-canon. Curious, I looked into it, and it seems that the rumors are unfortunately accurate. IGN states, “Lucasfilm also clarified that only… Read More »

By Raisa, April 3, 2014 0 Article

    FINALLY! The world needs to know how long I have been waiting for this. Like, ten years! Since 2004! After the movie came out! The Incredibles had to have been my favorite Disney-Pixar movie. And guess what? Everybody’s… Read More »

By Guesly Daniel, April 3, 2014 0 Article

Game of Thrones Season 4 is upon us !   The anticipation is at an all time high, some want to see where is this story heading with the death of the King of the North Robb Stark and patriarch… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, March 15, 2014 0 Article

This is a great article sharing some wonderful anime. I didn’t put this together, I found it on the net and felt it as being share worthy with all the many anime fans who come to Florida Geek Scene to… Read More »

By MD, March 7, 2014 0 Article

Praise for Persistence A few years ago, Seth Rogen was being interviewed by Howard Stern and the subject of comic books came up. Seth told Howard that his favorite comic book writer was Garth Ennis, the mastermind behind “Preacher,” the… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, January 16, 2014 0 Article

  For those of us who grew up in the 1960s, and 70s, we remember Gilligan’s Island as one of the best sitcoms on television. Seven castaways stuck on a remote island after the boat they are on hit a… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, December 28, 2013 0 Article

Happy 91st Birthday Stan Lee.

By Cuppcakes, December 22, 2013 0 Article

Who says you can only find Fandom in a comic book shop or that convention room at that hotel down the road ? The G-virus seems to be spreading in all areas of the media and not even Broadway is… Read More »

By JDOC, October 18, 2013 0 Article

  It is with sad news today that I report of the passing of another of animation’s great pioneers. Lou Scheimer, head of Filmation Enterprises, has passed away at the age of 84, just 1 day shy of his 85th… Read More »

By Mark Viola, October 3, 2013 0 Article

    All true nerds and geeks love Easter Eggs, especially those that directly reference our other geeky, nerdy loves. So far, ABC’s new series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been giving us a lot of that, with references to… Read More »