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By Happy Hour Podcast, August 16, 2016 0 Books, Podcast

Johnny & Duce are joined by author of the “Fade” series, Chad West, to talk about his book series. They also go over their thoughts on AMC’s The Preacher and the future of Constantine. Check it out! Connect with Chad… Read More »

By Brian Downes, November 12, 2014 0 Books, Convention Report

  There’s nothing there on a Thursday night load-in. Its rows of white tables, a big room with low population density. But the population wears black t-shirts, tattoos on their calves, on their arms, on their throats. One blonde’s very… Read More »

By geekadmin, September 20, 2013 0 Books

GG Allin “My Prison Walls” 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of GG Allin, the most notorious Rock N Roll artist of all time. For the first time ever, Allin’s prison-era memoirs have been compiled in “My Prison… Read More »

By Upsidedownsix, October 24, 2012 0 Books

Indie cartoonist  R Wiggins(me) has released his first zombie short story “Death came a hopping and a fluttering.” The story promises to be an interesting delve into the zombie realm with some unusual undead . We follow an everyman slacker… Read More »

By Emmanuel Malchiodi, March 8, 2012 8 Art, Books, Comic Books

    On February 1st DC Comics announced a line of prequels to Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons’ much celebrated series Watchmen. Entitled Before Watchmen, the series will appear in comic shops this summer and feature adventures by the original… Read More »

By Upsidedownsix, March 8, 2012 0 Books, Movies

Admittedly enough I am a zombie junkie, much like others my age (mid twenties) I’ve been overcome with the obsession of the walking dead. The genre is interesting to me because it conveys the easy comfort of allowing one to… Read More »

By geekadmin, January 27, 2012 0 Books

Star Wars Author Dan Wallace’s “Book of Sith” Released February 10th! Trailer and Exclusive Image! Get More: MTV Shows