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All 15 of these awesome cakes were created by Florida-based cake decorator Katie Rima. With cakes ranging from Deadpool to Slimer, Godzilla to Clone Trooper and Derpy Hooves to Game of Thrones she’s made a cake for just about any interest.

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  It’s less than a week until Florida Supercon 2014 (July 3-6) at the Miami Beach Convention Center! With this being the first year for Supercon at it’s brand new location I decided to take a look at some of the… Read More »

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Still wondering what’s for dinner tonight?

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I know you like Nutella.

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Credit: Twin Dragonfly Designs

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By Scott, October 27, 2012 1 Food

  People send us cool stuff all the time, whether it’s in the mail or by e-mail. Today I received this picture of Hellboy Cake Pops from a bakery called Midtown Sweets. Myself being an ex-baker, chef, pastry chef, Hellboy… Read More »

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  Planning on having a Halloween party this month? Here are some cool food ideas to get your party going.