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  Here’s a couple of Magic The Gathering custom Bear Tokens. They look pretty sweet!

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    Horrible news for all of us here in North America. Japan will be receiving these two new 3DS XL models, bundled with each of their respected titles, with absolutely no news on whether or not these will release anywhere else… Read More »

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  Here are some pictures from the Phoenix in Ocoee Florida. If you game at the Phoenix, you may see yourself in these pictures.

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  Fighter’s Spirit CE, the Championship tournament in SEGC Season One, will be held Saturday October 27th. For more information on this event, please check the SEGC website.

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  Hearthfire, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s next official ad-on, will be available on Xbox Live September 4th. Rest assured, it won’t include horse armor. With Hearthfire, players can place a permanent mark on the world of Skyrim by designing, building,… Read More »

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  I have finally completed my first run of Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Optimus ending if you’re wondering), and I couldn’t be more happy about the experience that I had.  It was a ton of fun rampaging through Cybertron in itself, but like any… Read More »

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  Ultimate Fighter’s Spirit 3, SEGC’s third stage in Season One, will be held Saturday September 22nd at the Bboy Spot on Stapoint Circle in Winter Park. Please check our website for more information.    

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  If you could convert America’s political battle for presidency into an actual battle – wouldn’t you? Epic Games’ Chair Entertainment decided to cut the election semantics and get to the nitty gritty with VOTE!!! The Game, a humorously slapstick battle for… Read More »

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  The official magazine for Nintendo reviews, previews and other propaganda announced it’s closing up shop. After 25 years on the press, Nintendo Magazine is ceasing publication. If you were old enough to remember how the world was before the… Read More »

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  Fighter’s Spirit II Turbo, the second tournament in SEGC Season One, will be held Saturday August 25th at the Hampton Inn on N. Douglas Ave in Altamonte Springs. For more information please see our website.