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  I’m not the biggest of Deadpool fans, but this games does look like it may actually be a good. I hope Rob Leifeld get’s some pennies for this..      

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It’s about time DC Comics came out with a good fighting game. This game is made by Nether Realm, the same guys who brought us Mortal Kombat. This trailer looks cool, but it’s obviously just a bunch of good cinema shots from within the game. Hopefully this game will be worth the money they’ll ask for it, remember what happened with DC Vs. Mortal Kombat.. Yeah…

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  I’ve been following that Dragon’s Dogma Twitter page (@DragonsDogmaCap) for months now. Never before has video game marketing taken a turn into such extensive integration of social media and publicly toting around truck fulls of pre-release media. Eat the… Read More »

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  Zenimax Studios (the parent company of Bethesda Games, creators of The Elder Scrolls series) announced The Elder Scrolls Online, the fantasy franchise’s first MMORPG to be released sometime next year. Less than a few weeks since the announcement, the… Read More »

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  Winter is coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox360 as “Game of Thrones“ the video game hits US stores May 15.  Having pierced the mainstream with its epic HBO adaptation, George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice… Read More »

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  Hey everyone! Check out the trailer for the new Sonic the Hedghog 4: Episode 2!

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If you’re a gamer, or a fan of Felicia Day, then most likely you’ve been playing Dragon Age since it’s release, and know about Dragon Age: Redemption, the series starring Felicia Day. At Comic-Con 2011 Felicia Announced the release of… Read More »

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The geeks at Gearbox have been working on the new Aliens game for a long long time. If this new gameplay trailer is any indication of actual gameplay, and it certainly looks like it, then this just might be the… Read More »