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  Since I had so much fun compiling my first list and throwing my opinion around. I felt I should take the time to put together a list of another 31 horror movies that I like. Maybe you’ll like them… Read More »

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  Three years ago most of us took a major dump when we found out about the Disney/Marvel buyout. On that day a lot of us comic book fans were unhappy with this and were thinking the worst of possibilities… Read More »

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  It seems as if Halloween television programming just keeps getting worse and worse every year. I don’t know if this has to do with horror movies going down the shitter in the past ten to fifteen years and the… Read More »

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  When the three guys are out on the boat in the dark looking for the shark, a meteor shoots past Roy’s right shoulder – this meteor was a real one. In the next few frames another meteor shoots across… Read More »

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With rumors floating around that Disney might be looking into rebooting their 1991 box-office let down, and perpetual underdog comic, The Rocketeer, it seems to be a good time to revisit the original, and acknowledge its highs and lows. I’ve… Read More »

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  Here’s a first look at the new Robocop. He looks pretty cool and sleek, almost like something out of anime. Notice he has one human hand, I wonder if they just didn’t need the other robotic hand for the… Read More »

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  According to James Cameron he was in the running to direct the original Jurassic Park. The film was directed by Stephen Spielberg instead, but Cameron claims that his version of the classic would have been a “much nastier” dinosaur… Read More »

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  How do you feel about this Captain America deleted scene from the Avengers movie? Do you think it was good enough to be left in, or was the right thing done in cutting it out? Let us know in… Read More »

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  These are all the Star Wars references throughout the Indiana Jones series. I never noticed, did you?  

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If Bill Hicks, the legendary stand-up comedian who died in 1994 at the age of 32, knew Russell Crowe was making a biopic about his life I’m sure he’d dedicate an entire performance to ridiculing him. After all, Hicks is… Read More »