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By geekadmin, November 8, 2012 0 News With 13 days left in Team Robin’s campaign they still need a little over $2,000 to reach their goal of $15,000. What is this campaign for? What does the money go to? A young girl with cerebral palsy… Read More »

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Are you from or living in Florida? Do you like to write? Florida Geek Scene is looking for articles and/or reviews on any of the folowing, Anime Comic Books Horror Movies Music (Electronic, Goth, Hardcore, Indie, Metal, Nerdcore, Punk, Ska,… Read More »

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If you missed the Tampa Comic Con a couple weeks ago, you really missed one the best people watching opportunities. There is no where else, unless you are on Hollywood Blvd, you will see The Ghost Busters having lunch with… Read More »

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  Exclusive DETHKLOK “Making Of” DVD Documentary Snippets Unveiled with, Guitar World Magazine and Modern Drummer Magazine New CD/DVD Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III Hits Stores Next Week! To tease next week’s release of DETHKLOK’s album, Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III,… Read More »

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  Want to go back to school, or maybe you never went to college? Well, now you can enroll in Monsters University. Be a monster, be a student, or just be a monster student, in any case you’ll most like… Read More »

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    Horrible news for all of us here in North America. Japan will be receiving these two new 3DS XL models, bundled with each of their respected titles, with absolutely no news on whether or not these will release anywhere else… Read More »

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Be sure to check out the brand new HelloGreedo website!

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  If you’re an Elder Scrolls purist that still believes it never got any better than Morrowind, you’ll be as high as a cliff racer to know that Skywind, the community mod of Morrowind for the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim… Read More »

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  According to James Cameron he was in the running to direct the original Jurassic Park. The film was directed by Stephen Spielberg instead, but Cameron claims that his version of the classic would have been a “much nastier” dinosaur… Read More »

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  Hey all ye fans of Flaming Carrot Comics. Please help Bob Burden on his new Kickstarter page as he is working on putting out a Flaming Carrot hardcover, with many extra’s. Please take a look at his Kickstarter page… Read More »

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  Hearthfire, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s next official ad-on, will be available on Xbox Live September 4th. Rest assured, it won’t include horse armor. With Hearthfire, players can place a permanent mark on the world of Skyrim by designing, building,… Read More »

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  The man of many Toho films and rubber monster suits is 100 years old today. Happy Birthday Katsumi Tezuka!

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  The official magazine for Nintendo reviews, previews and other propaganda announced it’s closing up shop. After 25 years on the press, Nintendo Magazine is ceasing publication. If you were old enough to remember how the world was before the… Read More »

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Please help raise funds for Robin, a very special young woman with cerebral palsy, to get her the wheelchair she so desperately needs! My name is Lisa, and Robin is my little sister. She’s 20, and has cerebral palsy. She’s… Read More »