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By David Rogers, October 23, 2014 0 Podcast

Jeremy gives in and admits just how awesome bio shock clix really are.

By David Rogers, October 22, 2014 0 Podcast

Here it is! A day late but definitely not a dollar short. We review Magic the Gathering: Battlemage, for the Playstation 1. It’s ummmm definitely a game.

By markwho42, October 19, 2014 0 Podcast

After a brief break the cast is back on the episode review quest with not one, but TWO episode reviews! First it’s back to school as we review the Caretaker. Learn what the cast of Markwho42 think about the first… Read More »

By David Rogers, October 16, 2014 0 Podcast

  Jeremy and David chat about The DC T.V. universe for a few then get into some spoilers, then make a team. David also puts Jeremy on the spot to give Mr.Comby a prize for his comment. (we will we… Read More »

By David Rogers, October 14, 2014 0 Podcast

There’s a change on the horizon! we chat all about the new FNM changes, and a little about how Khans is fairing in standard. It’s a short episode (and a bit poorly edited) because we actually got a whole other… Read More »

By David Rogers, October 8, 2014 0 Podcast

We cover the 1000 point game talk flash spoilers, build an avengers team, and talk about the poor choice for the next special promo from wiz-kids

By David Rogers, October 7, 2014 0 Podcast

  Jordan and Dave head out to days one and two of GP Orlando. Special thanks to Sheldon Menery and Christopher rush for all you did to make our experience awesome!

By David Rogers, October 3, 2014 0 Podcast

Dave and Christene find their first terrible bar! a whopping one point  something something average score. needless to say im not posting the address. Just go help us fill in our moon cricket grill card! the person to check off… Read More »

By markwho42, October 3, 2014 0 Podcast

    As the team at MarkWHO42’s WHOniverse take some time off, they still take time to promote Time Lord Fest taking place in Tampa on Ocotber 19th. Mark and Christian talk to Ken Spivey in an extended interview about… Read More »

By David Rogers, October 1, 2014 2 Podcast

  This episode we talk more flash spoilers, some yu-gi-oh things (which none of us know much about), and we get into building a 1000 point team!

By David Rogers, September 30, 2014 0 Podcast

Dave and Jordan talk the release of khans, and how they think it might effect standard. Then they get into commander check out Jordan’s deck list on our Facebook page

By markwho42, September 27, 2014 0 Podcast

Grab your special case and listen to the Architect because its time for a new episode of Markwho42’s WHOniverse. The news brings a double Companion birthday and plenty of info on upcoming episodes. Plus, what movie will feature former Doctor… Read More »

By David Rogers, September 26, 2014 0 Podcast

We go to the attic door this week for Christene’s birthday! 28 West Plant Street Winter Garden, FL 34787 T  /  407-877-0266

By David Rogers, September 24, 2014 0 Podcast

Jeremy and dave talk War of Light month 3 tournament, share some yu-gi-oh spoilers and chat theme teams.

By David Rogers, September 23, 2014 0 Podcast

Dave and Jordan talk Khans! pre-release with special guest Don.

By David Rogers, September 19, 2014 0 Podcast

Christene and Dave head out to Pilars (not pillars) in downtown winter garden. 146 W Plant St Ste 120 Winter Garden, FL 34787  

By markwho42, September 18, 2014 0 Podcast

LISTEN! Do you hear that? Could it be the latest episode of Markwho42’s WHOniverse? Can you hear Trish as she gives the latest Doctor Who news? Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as you… Read More »