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By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 2, 2013 0 TV

    Who is the next Doctor? Nobody knows, but you can take a look at the trailer below. Maybe this will hold you over until this weeks live Doctor Who event.  

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, July 25, 2013 1 TV

Some days I feel like I run this site. As always I bring you the best stuff I can find on the Internet. Here are some real nice cast photos of The Walking Dead from SDCC.

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, July 23, 2013 0 TV

This is the 2011 Locke & Key TV pilot trailer. With all the neat stuff announced at SDCC last weekend, it pains me to wonder what happened with this series. Was it the casting, the network? I think the trailer… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, July 20, 2013 0 TV

So who’s waiting for this? The Walking Dead Season 4. Whoever thought a show about the zombie apocalypse would actually make it on prime time television?

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, July 5, 2013 0 TV

  This is a list of my top ten favorite of all time television intro theme songs. Let us know what you think, and maybe what are some of your favorite television theme songs in the comment section. 1. AirWolf… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 24, 2013 2 TV

With so many people wanting to play the 12th Doctor it makes me sad to find this new farewell to the 11th Doctor poster on one of the BBC sites today.

By geekadmin, June 10, 2013 0 TV

Here is the latest teaser trailer from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 10, 2013 0 TV

    Helen Mirren says she has had enough of the Doctor and his female companions. She exclaims in the following article that it’s time for a female Doctor and she wants to make it happen, if not her she… Read More »

By geekadmin, June 8, 2013 0 TV
By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 6, 2013 0 TV

    I found this today on Neil Gaiman’s journal page. TorchyValentine asked: What would you say to Sir Ian Mckellen taking the reigns as the 12th Doctor? For that matter, who do you think would be a good actor… Read More »

By Scott, June 3, 2013 0 TV

    Growing up a child of the 1970s and 1980s The Tomorrow People was a show that I grew up watching along side some of my other most loved childhood BBC shows such as Blake’s 7, Doctor Who, and… Read More »

By geekadmin, June 1, 2013 0 TV

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who at the end of the year It’s now official with BBC News reporting, Doctor Who star Matt Smith is to leave his role as the Doctor at the end of this year, the BBC… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, May 29, 2013 0 TV

  Yip! You read that right, this commercial was released in China the same week as Iron Man 3 hit theaters, after watching this commercial a few times I get the feel of Iron Man meets the Power Rangers, it… Read More »

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By Scott, May 23, 2013 0 TV

  Here are both versions of Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster. The first is the original from “Parks & Recreation” and the second one is the animated version.

By geekadmin, May 17, 2013 0 TV

Catch a special 1-hr preview of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Sunday, May 26th on Disney XD! Considering that the excellent Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was cancelled for this show, it better get really good really quickly.

By geekadmin, May 17, 2013 0 TV

  Rhett Reese the writer/producer of Zombieland: The Series Rhett Reese tweeted this today. “Our Zombieland series will not be moving forward on Amazon. Sad for everyone involved. I’ll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from die-hard Zombieland… Read More »