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  Normally I wouldn’t post this on a Wednesday because I try and use this day for only comic book reviews, and I try to stay as steady on that role as possible; but when I saw the extended trailer… Read More »

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  Since the day after The Avengers hit theaters it seems like this TV show has been talked about all over the internet. I’m not sure how much I’d be into a S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, the last time that S.H.I.E.L.D…. Read More »

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  Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones Season 3 is coming March 31st, 2013. The latest preview for the new season of the fantasy-based HBO series features a monologue by Peter Baelish of what chaos is to come this season.

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  An all new music video for ‘The Galaxy’, the latest single from the upcoming DETHKLOK album Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III, made its world-premiere today and is currently available for viewing at (the video can be located at the… Read More »

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Here is a look at the new trailer for the CW series Arrow, which is based on DC Comics character the Green Arrow.

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  It looks like it’s time for me to pull out my old MEGO Green Arrow doll and get ready to play scene by scene. If you haven’t seen it as of yet, here is the first clip of the… Read More »

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  I found this great story while on the net today, it’s the life and times of artist and toy collector Trenton Doyle Hancock. I found this on and thought it would be a great story to share. Watch… Read More »

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  This is an ad for the Avengers toy-line at Target, and it’s pretty cool. Enjoy!

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Are you a fan of Cartoon Networks Adventure Time? Of course you are! That’s why you have to check out this great live action promo!

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    Here’s the new trailer for Doctor Who Season 7, it looks a bit like Doctor Who meets The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But it looks like it will be another fun season non the less. Enjoy!

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      You have already heard about The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that’s coming to Disney XD. Today, Marvel Comics announced that Disney XD will be getting an entire block of Marvel Comics animated shows. It sounds a little… Read More »

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  Here’s the Supervillain Primary Debate of 2012!  Listen to what these famed villains have to say, and vote for who you think should win. Game Trailers – E3 2012 – Comedy