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By geekadmin, February 26, 2012 0 Music, TV

  I kept hearing about this and found it scattered about the net, so it’s only fitting that you can watch it here too, this is the very cool The Walking Dead: My Zombie Valentine, presented by the Bass Orchestra.

By geekadmin, February 23, 2012 2 Comic Books, TV

  Check it out! According to Marvel Comics, the new Ultimate Spider-man Kids Show (I never thought I’d be hearing myself say that, or even type it) is the most anticipated kids show to come to television in 2012, as… Read More »

By geekadmin, February 22, 2012 0 TV

  Check it out! It’s the MC Chris Cartoon, coming to Adult Swim.

By geekadmin, February 9, 2012 0 Comic Books, Gaming, TV

Hey all! With the season 3 of the Walking Dead picking up next Sunday February 12th, you can now be a part of the Walking Dead, AMC has just released the Walking Dead Online Adventure Game, click here for more… Read More »

By geekadmin, February 7, 2012 0 TV

Holliston is a show created by Adam Green and Joe Lynch about two friends trying to make a horror film in Holliston Massachusetts and pitching the shoe to FEARnet. You can check out the funny teaser trailer below.

By geekadmin, February 6, 2012 0 News, TV

Iran has banned The Simpsons and all of it’s toy line, in order to protect itself from “western intoxication” – This means WAR! No, but seriously you can read the entire article here:  The Daily Mail        

By geekadmin, February 1, 2012 0 Music, News, TV

What a week! Soul Train, creator and host Don Cornelius was found dead in his home today. You can read the full story here the Daily Mail and in the meantime you can checkout this old Soul Train video below.

By geekadmin, January 27, 2012 0 TV

Robert Hegyes, the New Jersey born actor who played Jewish Puerto Rican wheeler and dealer Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein on the 1970s classic “Welcome Back Kotter,” died from an apparent heart attack after suffering chest pains at… Read More »

By geekadmin, January 27, 2012 0 TV

Check it out! Every Doctor Who Story Since 1963. Enjoy!

By geekadmin, December 27, 2011 1 TV

WWE Legend Kamala loses a leg to Diabetes.

By geekadmin, December 23, 2011 0 TV

In an interview with the Daily Star, actress Helen Mirren has claimed that she would like to be the next Doctor Who. “I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.”… Read More »

By geekadmin, December 20, 2011 0 TV

Supposedly this is the preview for the 2012 Justice League animated TV series coming to DC Nation, it was a fun watch, and a throwback to the days of the Super Friends, but something about the animation and the voices… Read More »

By geekadmin, December 18, 2011 0 TV

Check it out, here is the opening credits for the 1966 Batman TV series, but made entirely of LEGO.

By geekadmin, December 12, 2011 1 Movies, TV

George Takei wants us all to just get along.  

By geekadmin, November 15, 2011 0 TV

DC Nation comes to Cartoon Network in 2012, check out the cool trailer.

By geekadmin, August 30, 2011 0 TV

The Venture Brothers Make The Shortest Rockumentary In History. Doc and Jackson do it again. Here is both the entire episode titled “From The Ladle To The Grave” and the music video “Jackets“. Enjoy!