Cecil Grimes Tours The Country Again In 2017 And Goes International With Rick Grimes Cosplay

Florida resident and cosplayer Cecil Grimes is back at it again as he takes his tour nationwide in 2017. I had spoken with Cecil Garner, the man behind The Walking Dead Rick Grimes look-a-like ensemble cosplay, about his upcoming schedule and future projects that all starts at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X where he’ll be debuting at his first convention this year coming March 17th to 18th. Garner/Grimes’ last year’s iconic season 4 prison set will be making its return.

You can’t miss it.

Cecil is also crafting a new set, more of an upgrade actually. Nothing is known about what it will be as he’d like to unveil it as a surprise. But here is a hint:

Cecil has carefully crafted his convention set and people had taken notice of all the little details. When I saw the prison set for the first time at Megacon last year, I was indeed impressed. Garner had quite the line for photo ops, too.

He is still currently working on the new set and mentioned how his house looks like a construction site.

“I literally have 5 stages of the set half done and a lot of details to consider. I’m also having to touch up the prison for this year’s run. So my plate is full. Never a dull minute around here. My house again looks like a construction yard with parts in every room.”

So it sounds like he’s been keeping busy and productive as things are moving forward with his tour. This includes going international this time around. Garner said he has acquired an international booking agent and has booked his first ever overseas convention in Ecuador at Ecuador Comic Con.

He also plans on having impromptu cosplay enthusiasts joining him at his booth as he tours, no one’s signed on or anything, but sometimes Cecil will advertise on his page looking for zombies to join him when he reaches their area. He typically has at least one zombie appear at the booth and if they do, they are immortalized on his Zombie Wall of Fame site.

There was another time where Garner was able to get a selfie with his old pal Merle, played by Micheal Rooker and Rick’s Andrew Lincoln.

Cecil Grimes/Garner is doing the majority of the video editing work as he documents his projects and journey via the tour as his previous videographer no longer works for him. So it sounds like Cecil is chief, cook, and bottle washer.

As far as his Road To Sanctuary project, it’s currently in post-production and Grimes has also helped out on a project with a  special effects make-up crew to learn the ins and outs of the industry. The Road To Sanctuary mini-series “will continue shooting later this year. I’m casting new actors looking for new zombies and developing the scripts and scouting locations for the different episodes.”

He also wants to reach out and do a collab with other filmmakers for the mini-series, which can be comparable to how artists/writers come in and out of comic books involving the same superheroes.

“I’m also reaching out to independent filmmakers to collaborate on the project. My idea is to have a different filmmaker for each episode.”

Film locations are to include Georgia, Florida, and maybe parts out west. This will not only provide Cecil Garner with some exposure, but also the aspiring filmmakers.

The Cecil Grimes Cosplay tour dates are as follows:

Salt Lake City Comicon Fan XMarch 17 -18
Fan Expo Dallas March 31 – April 2
Indiana Comicon April 14 – 16
South Texas Comicon April 28 – 30
Mega Con OrlandoMay 25 – 28
Niagara Falls Comicon June 2 – 4
Magic City Con BirminghamJune 30 – July 2
Tampa Bay Comicon July 28 – 30
Ecuador Comicon August 26 – 27
San Francisco Comicon Sept. 1 – 3
Walker Stalker Atlanta Oct. 27 – 29
Walker Stalker New Jersey Dec. 9 – 10

Feel free to add him on Facebook at Cecil Grimes Cosplay and check out his website, too. You can find him on his own YouTube channel as well and Instagram.

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