JOSHUA BLACK: The Hierarchy of Christ – Kickstarter



JOSHUA BLACK is the story of a teenager who inherits the throne of heaven, and the power and burden that comes with it.

“The Hierarchy of Christ”, created and written by Martin Dunn, is the first of several story arcs for Con Artist Entertainment’s ongoing comic book, Joshua Black. The purpose of this KickStarter campaign is to fully fund the artwork and publishing costs required to complete production of both physical and digital copies of the book, as well as collected edition. The biggest chunk of the money pledged to this project will be used to pay the talented artists, inkers, colorists, and letterers who will bring this story to life. Funds will also be used to cover the costs of printing and marketing, which unfortunately, are not cheap. We’re confident that, with adequate resources, we’ll be able to produce a quality product, and successfully market it to a large audience.

With your help, this project can be a great success!


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