R.I.P. Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

Wait a second, Lenore and most of the cast is dead already, but according to creator Roman Dirge, one of his beloved characters is doomed to be nevermore after “an insane battle” in a new four part series that is coming out soon. When we meet Lenore again, the Ghosty Toasty film crew has arrived at her home to film their show, “Where we toast that ghost!” I don’t know if Lenore will like all the attention, or the fact that they are trying to toast her. Many unanswered questions will be answered or at least addressed. Like the convenience of the house Lenore living in, having a room for all their needs, kind of like a Tardis. We will also finally see how my favorite character Taxidermy, came to be so, taxidermied. Let’s hope I did not jinx him to be the one saying farewell. We will have to wait to see when the first issue comes out late March.


If you do not know Lenore, I suggest you stop being so rude and introduce yourself. She is the Cute Little Dead Girl, with a group of interesting friends who will gladly invite you to tea parties, deathly adventures and fighting an army of zombies from Heck. There is never a dull day for Lenore in the town of Nervermore. For more Lenore and her animated comics go to spookyland.com.


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