The Mighty Titan Project


The Mighty Titan is a 5 Issue Miniseries that wraps Joe Martino’s cancer in a superhero shell. Who will protect The Mighty Titan’s alter ego from cancer?

The Mighty Titan is my newest creation that essentially takes my cancer (and other) experiences and wraps them in a superhero shell. This isn’t autobiographical. I have researched and talked to other cancer survivors to try and get the feeling of what other people have experienced. The plan is to do a 5 issue mini-series with the possibility of it continuing. I created Titan in 2004 during my first bout with Kidney cancer. It was a tough decision to take some of my personal experiences and put them to paper in order to entertain and possibly allow people a glimpse of what some of us go through while battling this potentialy deadly disease.

Make no mistake, this is still a cool, fun superhero book with vile villians, giant Mechas and some really great mythological creatures. But there is certainly an underlying theme of fear and loss.

To find out more about Joe Martino and The Mighty Titan project you can check out their Kickstarter page.




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