Tribute to Comic Book Legend Nick Cardy

Nick Cardy was and still is one of my favorite comic book artists of all time. When I heard about his death, I was shocked and almost in tears. I though about how lucky I was to have met him at Supercon 2013 and how amazing it was to hear him speak. When he responded to my questions, I felt like a little girl listening to a fairy tale.  I always liked how modest and reserved he was. He was quite a respectable man.

At a panel, I recall asking him something along the lines of “Do you ever see anything in today’s comics, especially in the New 52, that you dislike or disapprove of?” and he instantly sat up and passionately responded with a “YES” and launched into giving examples. The whole audience, including myself, began to laugh at how quick the response was considering the fact that Mr. Cardy usually took a minute or two to think about his answers.

Mr. Cardy is especially memorable to me because he designed one of my utmost favorite characters, Mera, and worked on one of my favorite teams, the Teen Titans. I remember asking him about designing Wonder Girl’s iconic red suit and was fascinated by his thought process. His impact is evident on Cassandra Sandsmark’s New 52 suit (one of my favorite female costumes ever), which contains many elements from his Donna Troy suit. He also worked on more than forty Aquaman issues and Aquaman just so happens to be in my top five list of favorite characters.

I want to remind everyone that not only did we lose a fantastic artist and brilliantly creative mind, but we also lost a brave WWII hero. Mr. Cardy used to draw his experiences from the war in a sketch book. I will be purchasing a copy of Nick Cardy: The Artist at War  and highly recommend that you guys do, too,if you are interested in learning more about Mr. Cardy’s art and wartime experiences.

I could never write a worthy enough tribute to such an amazing comic book legend. I can only hope that it is sufficient. Nick Cardy lived a fruitful life and my only regret is that I couldn’t express my admiration for him enough. Nick Cardy will forever be my hero.


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