FORCE VOLUME 1: Collect the beginning of a new era in sports-drama!


FORCE VOLUME 1: The Wright Time
Writer(s): Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson
Cover Artist(s): Jay Reed
Artist Name(s): Jay Reed
96 pgs./ T / FC

Enter the world of F.O.R.C.E. (Football Operations Rated Championship Elite), where readers get to see not only the action on the field but also the personal drama behind-the-scenes. Join Quarterback Terrance Wright, who is about the play the biggest game of his life, Supreme Bowl XXVII. But before he sets foot on the field, Terrance has to deal with his health, finances, scheming agent, a beloved rookie backup quarterback, and his personal relationship with the franchise operations manager.

FORCE is the beginning of a new era of sports-drama series to comics. Writer Shawn Pryor (CASH & CARRIE) comments, “Action Lab Entertainment has allowed us to be trailblazers by letting us represent for an underrepresented genre in American comics. If you enjoy football on the college or professional level, or if you’re not a fan of sports but enjoy 30 for 30 ESPN documentaries, then you’ll enjoy the drama on and off the field that FORCE delivers.”

FORCE VOLUME 1 collects the first three issues of the series. It will arrive in comic book stores on February 28, 2018. Pre-order your copy at your local comic book store with the Diamond Item Code DEC170985.

About the Creators

Shawn Pryor
Shawn Pryor is the creator and co-writer of the all-ages graphic novel mystery series CASH & CARRIE, writer of KENTUCKY KAIJU, and has written for He is one of the co-founders of Action Lab Entertainment and currently serves as their President of Creative Relations.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, listening to streaming music playlists, and talking about why Zack from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the greatest Black superhero of all-time. Follow him on Twitter at @shawnrpryor.

B. Alex Thompson
Los Angeles born and Midwest raised, B. Alex Thompson is a comic book writer, screenwriter, letterer, and artist who has done work for Alias Enterprises, Approbation Comics, Arcana Studios, Lion Forge Comics, and Graphic Planet. Follow him on Twitter at @approbat.

Jay Reed
Raised in Southern California, Jay Reed studied graphic design at Santa Ana College and launched his design business StyleUniversal in 2002. Jay is also a freelance graphic designer and published the comic book series CONTENT WITH KAOS with Hound Comics in 2013. Follow him on Twitter at @artistjayreed.

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