Heroes Landing Of Clermont Florida To Be Closing It’s Doors

Clermont Florida’s one-stop comic shop, Heroes Landing will be closing it’s doors at the end of the month.

On the day prior to the Fourth of July heart-felt announcement has been made. Todd Merrick, owner of Clermont, Florida’s comic shop, Hero’s Landing, said that at the end of this month the shop will be closing. He said this has been a decision he and his family have discussed. It’s had a good run of 8 years and Todd mentioned that certain influences such as other preferred methods of entertainment as well as online retailers, such as Amazon providing stiff competition, had likely influenced on his decision.

He even cited regular brick and mortar chain stores carrying the items known to be exclusive to only comic shops chiming in on providing products to customers/fans. So the merch you used to see at only comic shops are making headway at a lot of retail stores.

Todd listed out his event contributions to the geek community such as Geek Singles Night, Fan Girl Jamboree, Doctor Who Hootenanny, Star Wars Days, as well as inclusion of the Grand Florida Alliance, and gaming events. Don’t forget Free Comic Book Day.  Todd mentioned even though the comics were free to customers, there was still a financial investment on his part.

Of course, there were some wonderful things he and many others had taken away from it with the inclusion of these events such as cherished friendships and fellowships with the geek community. Families gathered around to see their favorite characters cosplayed by the wonderful people who are so much into their craft. Sponsorship’s and donations were made via comic book publications. Some of which were donated to troops overseas serving the United States.

Hero’s Landing also worked with schools and donated their wares to Cooper Memorial Library. Also was cited by Todd had been signings by artists that came into the shop as well as well-known names such as George Perez, Fred Van Lente, Tim Seeley, Gail Simone, Neal Adams and so on.

Todd noted the passage of time since opening up the store, citing how he grew up with those who started making their patronage since they were children.

The store owner then revisited a time when they opened during a recession and how things are different now than what they were. Even the day they opened, he considered it a risk…but what business venture isn’t? Now there’s a change to the retail landscape which can make small businesses hard to likely keep up. The convenience is considerable for customers at the retail venues. There’s even delivery the same day with these new places.

There is also the matter of a wide variety of choices of where one would like to spend their money when it comes to entertainment. Todd gave examples such as gaming apps, online streaming TV shows, etc. There’s also consideration of peoples’/customers’ change in life. Perhaps they moved on to other interests and are also dealing with their own personal situations.

He said this isn’t good-bye, as he’s staying in Clermont, but he’s pursuing other opportunities that’s appropriate for him and his family. He mentioned he had achieved his goal of pursuing his dream and now will stand aside and allow for his wife to pursue hers.

Heroes Landing will be putting items in his store at 25% off, with the exception of consignment items. Throughout the month, he’ll probably furthering the discount even more, but won’t likely give notice right away. It’ll be a sporadic decision.

All sales will be final, nothing will be held. The plan is to have the store remain open until the end of July.

Please pay Todd Merrick a visit in this final month and gather together to fellowship with this devoted business and ultimate comic shop owner!


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