Gods & Monsters Considering Player 1 Arcade Venue, Hourglass Brewery On Hold

Gods & Monsters, a pop-culture wonder and entertainment comic shop located on International Drive is always a work in progress according to co-founder of the shop, Todd Fisher. Plans were moving forward with Hourglass Brewery in a collaborative movement to cross promote each other’s businesses. The plans also included selling each other’s merchandise at their corresponding locales, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

But recently, there’s been a halt in progress according to Fisher.

“The news right now is we’re kind of in a holding pattern with the Hourglass move as we figure out some logistics on their end. It’s their own issues. Trying to get it to where we are able to pay what we were told we were going to pay.”

There looks like there will be an influence regarding Gods & Monsters’ future with Hourglass Brewery. “Back burner” would be the best term for it according to Todd during an interview with Greg and Art of the Gods & Monster’s YouTube channel.

Moving forward, Todd said they are currently in talks with the plaza overseers that host the Player One Arcade bar located at the Vista Centre Shoppes. Apparently, it has pretty good foot or Disney traffic. It’ll be pricier over there than the venue over at Hourglass, but will be overall cheaper compared to the old Artegon location.

“We are in the final negotiations with them. We’ve been talking to them for 2 or 3 weeks now. “

Within the last year or so, the people who had bought said plaza had been incrementally renovating it. They had also been bringing on new tenants and are attempting to move forward with its building considering they do have plans for the place. They reached out to Gods & Monsters and had proposed the same plans that were being considered with the Hourglass Brewery.

The square footage over there will a be around 5,000 + according to Todd and will likely wind up being their “flagship” store. This should take it to around twice the size of their current venue located off of International Dr. Apparently, they will likely be taking over the cross fit space and the neighboring offices combined. This will indeed make it more roomy.

It’s located off the Lake Buena Vista exit and won’t be at a loss for traffic. So this could bode well for business for Gods & Monsters. If you want to get a gander at the Player 1 Arcade venue prior to all this happening in order to get your geek on with vintage arcade games, you can find it at 8562 Palm Pkwy in Orlando, Florida.

Todd also discussed “themeing” out the atrium at the current location, so it’ll be nice to get a more engaging pop-culture geek environment when entering the outdoor plaza doors.

Todd was asked about considering a 3-venue location if things worked out with the Hourglass Brewery. He said he had spoken with Anna his wife and co-founder about this. She said “If we could make it work.” So its just speculative at this point regarding a three-fer.

It sounds like it was bandied about and if it came to fruition, all three venues would still cost less than the former Artegon location.

To see Gods & Monsters now, it is located at 5421 International Dr, Orlando in the Orlando Crossings plaza next door to Giraffas and the post office.


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