Indie Game Making Contest

Do you ever feel that the game you want just isn’t out there? Are you an aspiring indie dev that doesn’t know where to start?

Well you can start RIGHT HERE! The Indie Game Making Contest has started so there is no time to waste because you only have until August 7th.

“That’s all well and good” I hear you saying “but that’s just a link to the contest, it still doesn’t tell me where to start with making a game.” That is a good point you bring up, there are several places to start. Unity is a good engine even if it has a slight image problem due to assist flippers on steam (so don’t just buy UnitZ from the assist store and try putting that on steam, I heard if you do that Jim Sterling appears behind you and does unspeakable stuff to you). You know what other engine is free? Just a little engine called Unreal.

And if that’s not enough for you then head on over to the humble bundle where you can pick up almost $2000 worth of game dev software for the low low low low low low low price of $12. That’s a discount of 99.4%, which is insane to think about.

So give it a shot, every bundle purchased adds money to the prize pool and at time of righting that is currently at over $11000 and will most likely keep growing since it went up about $400 from the time I started writing this until now. If you get the bundle for $12 then win for $12000 that’s 1000% profit you can then use that money to quit your job and develop more games.

Just remember when you win, I’m not asking for money but maybe send me a free steam key?


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