Aaron Haaland – Owner of A Comic Shop. (Guest Contributor)


AJ Vives – When not reading, writing, or scrolling through Netflix, AJ works as a lab instructor and tries to remain calm in the face of douchebaggery. It unfortunately happens all too often. (Guest Contributor)


Andre D. Brown – “If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artists. It is the job of the artist to give the audience what they need.” (Guest Contributor)


Anthony Brunet – I live in West Palm Beach, Florida with too many cats. Writing has become my passion and I hope to become a published author one day. I have a bucket full of Ninja Turtle toys somewhere in my house. I like alternative/metal music. I love all things Sci-Fi and I currently play too many video games, or not enough depending on who you ask.


Ashley Olien – I recieved both my BA and my MA from the University of Minnesota, where I wrote my Master’s thesis on the representation of the GLBTQ community in “Y: The Last Man”. I also have an article which is forthcoming and will be published in the EJAS Special Issue “(Re)visio?ning America: American Identities in the Graphic Novel”. I’m currently working as the Marketing and Business Management Director for Con Artist Entertainment and will be writing for two of their upcoming titles, “Devil’s Six” and “Wrong Way”.


Baron Von Solace - Gamer, Collector, RABID Megaman fan-boy, Aspiring video reviewer.


Chris Ferrarelli – I’m a child of the 1970′s who grew up on super-heroes and science-fiction. As I’ve gotten older, I got a bit more wiser and appreciated classic comedies and dramas. But I never forget the little kid who was amazed by how cool the Batmobile was or how awesome it would be to fly like Superman. I like the escapism of going to a movie for a few hours to forget about life’s troubles; and I like the chance to write about the newest of new movies. Get your popcorn,, snack, and beverage……we’re going to the movies.


Chris Thornhil – Hi, I’m Chris. If someday I can pay someone to write my bio’s for sites so I don’t have to. I like to read a wide range of comics, and I enjoy an even wider range of films and music. Currently I am reading a Clash of Kings and watching Killer Karaoke. I also enjoy telling jokes, so I do that too where ever I can in the Orlando area. I also don’t take things seriously. Ketchup is good too. Also, I like dragons.


Cuppcakes – Who’s cig burns bright in a cake made of strawberry – Drunken fights in a cake made of strawberry – a different man every night in a cake made of strawberry!! – - Jennifer Cupcake -would’t you know?


Cutzman – “Die Monster! You don’t belong in this world!” (Guest Contributor)


Daylina Miller – Daylina is a multimedia journalist with a passion for science and geek news and a penchant for all things sci-fi and horror. When she’s not waiting for the TARDIS to show up in her backyard or planning for the zombie apocalypse, she’s planning events for the Tampa Bay Steampunk Society. She’s also an avid tabletop game enthusiast and was recently recruited onto the Steve Jackson MIB team to demo games at Tampa Bay stores and conventions.


Dylan Pryce – I love video games and music. What else do I need? (Guest Contributor)


– Emmanuel Malchiodi is a freelance writer living in New York City but originally from Florida.


Evel Steve – Evel Steve began life in Miami, reading comics, mainly from the 70′s and early 80′s, as well as watching and worshiping tv shows,movies, and some toys from that era as well. A proud Gen-Xer, evel steve has slammed danced at some classic punk rock shows of the mid 80′s, funky raves and alternative shows from the 90′s, as well as some of classic hardcore/death metal shows from this same time period. Eventually he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he has continued to live his hermetic, misanthropic existence, in search of weird movies, weird music, and making the occasional amateur sex video. evel steve is fluent in English AND Spanish, so you Mexican workers who talk bad about him, while he’s in the room, watch out! evel steve also speaks Haitian Creole, and secretly works for the Ton-Ton Macoutes! evel steve also has a very tiny, but very odd video collection.Watch out for his horrible and disgusting movie and music reviews, coming to a psychotronic mind-meld near you! (Guest Contributor)


Gavin Gregory – Huge geek, and I run a newly launched toy review and discussion blog at Things I spend way too much money on: toys, comics, video games, blu-rays, and sushi! Very excited to be writing for Florida Geek Scene! @thedaytimeninja (Guest Contributor)


Geek Film Critic – I’m here because I want you to watch cool movies.


GeekieGirlie – I live in Oviedo, FL and I am a total geek girl. I read comic books, watch every movie, catch every episode of all the best shows (Doctor Who), and I play every video game that I can get my hands on.


Gene Hoyle – A lifelong comic book fan. I have always loved fandom and try to do my part to contribute to it. I host a weekly podcast(or weakly, depending on who you ask) called Nerd Nation. (Guest Contributor)


Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy – I hail from south Florida, watch anime, play Magic and read comics. I sometimes like a good horror movie every now and then. Zombies, vampires and werewolves are overrated. (Guest Contributor)


HelloGreedo – Florida Geek Scene’s Star Wars fanatic on the go!


IHaveYourShit – IHAVEYOURSHIT is one of ten people that can read in Miami. He complains a lot, if you didn’t know any better you’d swear he had some sort of superiority complex. He hates most films and TV shows and is under the impression that the movie “THEY LIVE” is the most accurate depiction of our species yet. (Guest Contributor)


Jared Oates – Blazing haired front man for Orlando doom metal quintet Fire in the Cave and founder of His nerdy activities include VIDEO GAMES, traditional games, fantasy sports, and web comics. For ensured safety please refrain from bringing up the Miami Dolphins management around Oates. (Guest Contributor)


JDOC – JDOC is a longtime comic geek whose love for comics and classic animation (WB/HB/ MGM/Disney) knows no bounds. Hes been to many conventions in Florida over the years since the early 90′s, including Megacon since 2003.


Jesse Scheckner – A freelance writer who regularly produces work for MMA Owl, Tuff Gnarl, Broward Palm Beach New Times, Florida Geek Scene and Miami’s Community Newspapers. Moving forward every day. Follow me on Twitter @JesseScheckner.


Jesus Gonzalez – Jesús is a bilingual blogger, social medialite and Orlandonian. When he’s not corporately selling out as a pr & digital media coordinator, he’s pretending he’ll actually finish reading George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Tweet him @JesusGonzalez


John Scrudder – I am becoming less paranoid. I am still nervous around large crowds and I enjoy keeping to myself. (Guest Contributor)


Kevin Cortez(Guest Contributor)


Leon Mathis - Anime and Convention lover. If it’s one near by that’s where I’ll be. Check out my website: Rponcho. (Guest Contributor)


Leslie June – Leslie June is a local Underwater Photographer, blogger, and comic shop dweller :) (Guest Contributor)


M.K. Lynn – While acquiring a BA in Media Comm. at Webster U., I had the good fortune to take a few amazing Superhero and comic book courses. I also started a Zombie Awareness and Survival group so students from diverse majors could survive the school year together.


Marc L. Thomas – I’m the newest member of the FGS team and a lover of all things geek. I’m currently training up my one year old baby boy in the ways of the geek. I live in Tallahassee with my wife, son and English bulldog appropriately named … Joker. (Guest Contributor)


Mark Viola – Mark Viola is a writer, stand-up comedian, and humorist, as well as a geek who was so busy analyzing the differences between Deadpool and Deathstroke, he didn’t get any in high school. You can follow his silly exploits on his facebook page,, or harass him with boisterous, mind-numbingly silly e-mails at


Mark Who 42 – Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42′s WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!


Matthew E. Jones – A somewhat competent salesman by day and an aspiring part-time freelance comic book writer by night, Matthew E. Jones has countless opinions on the Internet, ranging from movies and music to comics and…comics. You are free to read them, dissect them, even mock them. Do you want to hear the greatest band in the world? Of course you do. Take a listen to: Fuckpot (Guest Contributor)


Mike & Ken – MIKE EHMCKE {mike(at)} was born to slaves on a remote desert planet in the Outer Realm. Mike was discovered by Jedi Master Tyvokka who had believed Mike was the Chosen One. Trained as if he was the Chosen One, it all changed when Anakin Skywalker was brought with in the Padawan ranks and labeled the Chosen One. While angry, Mike learned to control and harness his anger and stay on the Light side yet still jealous of Skywalker. Surviving Order 66, he went searching for Anakin’s childhood friend, Kitster, in hopes that Anakin’s empty promises to help him and the slaves would be enough for Kitster to team up with Mike and pursue Vader. Yet anther Skywalker, Luke, comes into Mike’s life and steps in and brings down Vader. So torn with emotions, He travelled to Earth and turns to the Geek Side and becomes one of the voices of the Geek Rebellion. Forged in a river of liquid metal on Cybertron, the humanoid and former Autobot KEN MARCY {ken(at)} is a specimen as unique as Cybertron itself. He was created as human-like cyborg creature to be put on Earth to study humans. However, during the beginning stages of the war on Cybertron having grown tired of the Autobots proclaimed superiority, Starscream recruited Ken to run small missions gaining access to the Autobot council. This was done without Megatron having any involvment. He found the council had be stockpiling geekergon to keep it away from the Decepticons. With this finding he stole a cube of geekergon and traveled to Earth to to live the rest of his life among humans.


Mike Favata – Procrastinator. Editor, reviewer & writer for Florida Geek Scene.


Nerdgasm – Andre and Chris take on comic books, toys, and more. Check out Nerdgasm on FGS. (Guest Contributor)


Not The Droid You’re Looking For – Not The Droid You’re Looking For was raised by a pack of wild ghosts in a sunken ship off the Gulf coast of Florida. He now lives with his Rainicorn wife and family in an underground bunker in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a writer and artist, also proficient in the ancient schools of gastromancy and squid style kung fu.


Pablo Perez – Im what you would call obsessed with nerd culture! Movies, Games, Comics, and even Music! I love it all! Share with me in my love of all things awesome! on my twitter! and on FaceBook


Peter Aguirre – My name is Peter Aguirre and I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have always been part of the geek culture. I used to only read trades until Geoff Johns and then I truly started reading comics weekly. Now I have a book shelves filled with boxes of comics. My wall shelves are full of Star Wars and DC busts and Funko bobble heads. My room doesn’t look like Howard’s from Big Bang yet, but it is getting there especially with my battle ready light saber hanging over my bed. My geek qualifications don’t stop there though. From my sonic screw driver on my key chain to Sith armor (from Megacon) still hanging in my closet next to my box of Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist manga, I am definitely part of this nation.


Peter Schmeiser – Peter fancies himself a comic book critic since he is one of the last comic book readers in southwest Florida. When he isn’t reading and writing reviews for movies, TV and comic books, he’s binge-watching shows, marathoning movies, podcasting, and performing classical music.


Randall Austin – Like most people out there, I have a full-time job, a family, and a love for all things “ungrownup”. I enjoy a good comic, a good sci-fi movie, or anything that takes me away from being an adult. I have also recently started up an online toy estore. This has been one of my dreams. Check it out at


Rian FikeFull Body Transplant (Guest Contributor)


Raisa – Raisa is a proud geek-girl known among her friends for being overly excited about everything. Her goal is to become the ultimate geek. She spends her spare time blogging on Tumblr, reading comics, playing Magic: The Gathering, or watching movies (usually it’s Star Wars Episode VI for the umpteenth time).


Ridgeway - I was born and raised in Tampa, making me a full Floridian. I am an avid collector of action figures and furious watcher of movies. I do enjoy reading comics when I find the time get to my local shops. I love listening to heavy metal. My favorite movie of all-time is Jurassic Park, which also makes me a BIG dinosaur fan. I really enjoy playing video games, specifically sci-fi and fantasy.


Real Queen of Horror – I love horror movies and have always loved them for as long as I can remember! and


Scott Schlazer – Scott grew up in Miami, Florida interviewing punk, metal and hardcore bands, reading comic books, playing with Star Wars action figures, Shogun Warriors, and MEGO dolls. Scott’s work has appeared in Flipside Magazine, Scrape Magazine, Zaphod Fanzine, El ‘Zine De Eugene, Rational Enquirer, Maximum Rock and Roll, Rated Rookie Magazine, POPSmear Magazine, Crying Clown Fanzine, Slug & Lettuce, ThoraZine, Fact Sheet 5, ‘Zine Guide, O/Z Magazine, Asian Trash Cinema, Asian Cult Cinema, Euro-Trash Cinema and more. He has two culinary degrees and attended art school for a Visual Arts degree with a minor in Music Journalism. Scott was the owner of Action Games & Comics in Clermont Florida from January 1999 til it’s demise in December 2011. Scott can sometimes be seen flying across Florida at supersonic speeds, you just need a good eye to catch him.. :-)


ScreamerRetro Screamers (Guest Contributor)


Shane Hannafey – I am a corporate video producer and filmmaker by trade and that career choice came out of my love of movies. I grew up in New York, but moved to Florida in my early teens and have been there ever since. Watching Flash Gordon serials, Star Trek and Doctor Who episodes from an early age fostered my love of all things science fiction. I’m a fan of almost everything scifi, horror, fantasy and comics. My two favorite movies of all time are Highlander and The Road Warrior.


Sinistar – A video gamin’, classic 80′s comic readin’, horror & sci-fi movie watchin’ geek who just so happens to live in FLA. (Guest Contributor)


SpikeWhat The Flux Media (Guest Contributor)


Tom Bowker – Tom Bowker is the co-star of the documentary film: “The Weird World Of Blowfly.” He has played the drums on four continents and a over a dozen countries including: Serbia, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Finland. He has written extensively for The Miami Herald, the New Times/Village Voice Media Borg, Street Weekly, and Carbon 14. He has known Joo Scott aka “Scott Schlazer” for 20 years. (Guest Contributor)


Tom Khayos – Tom Khayos is a freelance pop culture blogger who can be readily found on and now . With a passion for all that is toy related; he honestly reviews the good, the bad and the fugly in the toy world spanning vintage and modern collectibles.


Toymorrow – Contributor for Vintage Toy Reviews. Owner and Writer of Memories of Toymorrow, Technical Writer by trade and depressed Bills Fan. Normally found hibernating during the Buffalo winters while listening to Opera and Metal.


ThaMenacing1 – Saying it loud, I’m a Black geek and I’m proud! I currently run a action figure and comic book review/preview/news blog at I review the action figures then I try to keep them out of site of my wife… Brand new father of a beautiful baby girl and wonder if my geekiness would rub off on her. When I’m not buying an action figure, I’m most likely buying a new tech toy. You can find me on Twitter @blackactionfig or on Facebook. (Guest Contributor)


ThemightyDarmick – I am from the great white north where I have little to do but work and watch movies, and by god I watch the hell out of movies. I have been a horror fan for about 15 years and I like to think I have developed a taste for the good stuff… or at least the fun stuff.


Trip Hope – Trip Hope (actor/producer) has performed in over 50 plays, 30 indie films, and produced 10 films/web series. He’s the executive producer of a comedy steampunk web series “The Adventures of The League of STEAM”, which just wrapped it’s second season. What is The League of STEAM? We are steampunk ghostbuster and monster-hunters from the Victorian Era. A transmedia performance group that entertains with live shows, a web series, podcasts, and interactive walk-abouts & demonstrations of fantastical gadgets! We’ve currently got 19 episodes on YouTube with over 550,000 views and 6,000 subscribers:) This past year we’ve been in over a dozen film festivals, won 7 awards, headlined at Wild Wild West Con, had our first booth at San Diego Comic Con, were panelists at Dragon Con, our costumes & props were featured at Anaheim’s Muzeo Museum Steampunk Exhibition, we headlined the Best of Pasadena, were recent panelists at WonderCon & just performed at World Steam Expo! Last Spring MTV released a video featuring The League of S.T.E.A.M. in a Panic! at the Disco video “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”. It’s got over 18 million views! Trip’s film career includes performances with James Franco (Good Time Max), Doug Jones (League of STEAM “Dining with the Devil”, Innocent Blood, Pie & Coffee), C.S. Lee & Justin Chon (Innocent Blood). His most recent stage performance was in the world premier of “Internet Dating the Musical” in Hollywood, from “30 Rock” Emmy Award winning writer Ron Weiner. He is an alumni of the prestigious Actors Theatre of Louisville, Play House West, and has a BFA in Acting and Directing and a Masters of Education in Theatre Arts from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (Guest Contributor)


Upsidedownsix – Born in the waste lands of central Florida and raised in a Post Dark Knight Returns but Pre Dark Knight Strikes again America, Russ Wiggins wasted his youth with horror movies, comics and pornography. He is a full time zombie, comic strip, science fiction enthusiast who wears a white collar disguise to keep “the man” and bill collectors at bay. In his off time he writes for Florida Geek Scene (even though he now lives in New Jersey) and works on various projects including but not limited to a Graphic Novel Opus called “Steve of your imagination” and an ongoing web comic strip called “The Dreggs.” Russ met the moderator of Florida Geek scene Scott Schlazer when he was still a teenage punk coming into Scott’s comic book shop “Planet X” on Friday nights to make fun of the freaks and ne’er do wells that frequented the store. Check out my webcomic at: The Dreggs (Guest Contributor)


Zackery Cote – Zackery Cote is in his second year of study for an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Tampa. He has been an avid gamer all his life, and loves to merge his passions for writing and gaming. You can find more of his work at and