Award-Winning Local Filmmakers Premiere New Film at SuperCon


Award-winning local filmmakers are presenting a sneak peek of their latest feature film, “New Comic Day” as part of the Rough Cut Series at Florida SuperCon ( this Friday, July 4th at 5pm in Miami, FL. “New Comic Day” is an independent comedy/adventure/fantasy with live-action and animated sequences from Saturday Pictures. The filmmakers will also be a part of the Florida Filmmakers Panel at 1pm, also on Friday, July 4th.

The film project was successfully funded through Kickstarter last year (, features a cast and crew comprised entirely of South Florida filmmakers and artists, and was filmed entirely on location in Davie, FL with the support of South Florida’s oldest and largest comic store chain celebrating 30 years serving the region, Past Present Future Comics (

Saturday Pictures, LLC has made the live-action/animated, independent feature film with the intent to seek distribution through film festivals starting this Fall. The story is a mix of Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure and Mystery all staged in a single day; Jake’s first day of work at the comic book store. It’s a place Jake knows nothing about, at least, that’s what he thinks. The film embraces the comic book visual style and incorporates layers of magical realism, extensive visual effects, and some traditional animation featuring the comic book characters that are large part of Jake and the other characters’ lives.

Official Synopsis:
“On Jake’s first day of work at the comic book store he finds out that he has entered a strange new world where
anything is possible. He becomes embroiled in a power struggle of comic book proportions as he tries to keep his job
and make it through the day. New friends and enemies amongst his new co-workers help him find his place in a powerful new world, on the most powerful day of the week, New Comic Day.”

A teaser trailer for “New Comic Day” can be found here:

The story of the film celebrates the community that a comic book store builds for its customers and explores the many
worlds it holds within; the world within a world. This is the first feature-length directorial effort for Michael Seminerio. Michael is a graduate of the MFA Film Program at Florida State University, and is currently the Department Chair of Film at Palm Beach State College. Michael co-wrote and produced Saturday Pictures’ first feature film, Chronological Order, currently seeking distribution. Chronological Order was nominated for Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Cinematography and won Best Screenplay, Best Editing
and Audience Choice at last year’s Treasure Coast International Film Festival. You can find the trailer for their previous
feature film, “Chronological Order” (also filmed locally) at

Existing press about the project:
Please visit our website,, or, for details, or contact us
via e-mail at or by phone at 850-443-1418. You can also like us on Facebook as
“newcomicdayfilm”, or on Twitter as “@New_Comic_Day“.


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