Creator Owned Expo Wants Your Help


While the majority of their event costs are covered, Creator Owned Expo has started a GoFundMe to raise funds for the con. Most of which will go towards additional promotion.

Rewards for donating include ticket discounts, social media shoutouts, digital comics, an exclusive t-shirt or a full sponsorship.

The event is two months away, so why do a GoFundMe Campaign now? One of the biggest complaints we’ve come across with supporters of crowd funding campaigns is the delay on the completed product or event delivery. COE is in its second year, we’ve learned a lot and grown a lot, so one thing we wanted to do was make sure that the space and the event was secure before going the crowd funding route.

Approximately 80% of our event costs are already covered, and the money that this campaign raises will be spent on some memorable gestures of appreciation for guests at the expo. Additionally the funds will be spent gaining exposure to the event such as advertising, posters, cut outs, Standees, fliers, shirts, billboards, community outreach, and creator based educational programs. The more success this campaign sees, the more we can do to enhance the COE experience and give back to the creator owned community. It also gives us a fantastic opportunity to provide you the fans the well placed credit and rewards that you deserve for supporting the independent thinkers that will grace the halls of this year’s Creator Owned Expo!

Creator Owned Expo GoFundMe




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