Hot news on the last remaining Stan Lee pops!!



Hot news on the last remaining Stan Lee pops!!

The Excelsior version will be heading over to Wizard World Portland this weekend, will NOT be attending that show, but great news to those that do not make the show, they will be selling the exclusive Excelsior Stan’s on their website in Mid February. Make sure to friend them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates on when they will go up for sale.

Now as for the 4th Stan, Stan Lee has announced an appearance at the Frank and Sons show in California and the True Believers pop will be an exclusive to that show as well. has decided NOT to attend the frank and sons show but to attend the Pensacon show instead, and allow a chance for the fans on the east coast to get their hands on the Stans.

Rumor has it that they will be selling some of the Excelsior (Wizard Portland exclusive) at that show. So they will have two exclusives for Pensacon Excelsior and True Believers, and as always they will save some for their website sales.


Stan Lee Excelsior POP GLAM

Stan Lee True Believers POP GLAM


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