Join The Sith At The Dark Side Grotto Star Wars Celebration After Party

Join Moshi Moshi Productions at this coming Friday’s Star Wars Celebration Dark Side Grotto Return of the Sith after party. The Orlando Star Wars convention will be massive and come Friday evening, a party  just as sizable! Enjoy your experience with the Dark Side for a time of your life with DJs , dancing, performances, giveaways, body painting, dancers, costumes, decor, celebrities, and so on.

Moshi Moshi Productions gives insight into what Star Wars fans will experience when making their way into The Dark Side Grotto 3:

In a galaxy not so far away, an uncivilized planet was once again chosen to be a haven for the Dark Side. This is where the most powerful Sith return when they aren’t searching the farthest reaches of space for the last Jedi. If you think the Mos Eisley Cantina was the wildest party in the universe, you’ve obviously never experienced the Dark Side Grotto.

As you can see, even the Sith needs to take a breather and they’ll be joining Earth dwellers come TGIF for a fascinating, sci-fi, fun-filled experience! You may wind up dancing with a Sith, Jedi, or even Matt the radar technician. You never know what surprises will be there.

Speaking of which, the captivating Dawn AEOS will be presenting her acrobatic prowess, representing the Sith’s mystique nature when it comes to an evening of entertainment. Do you think you can resist her powers of persuasion?

As one of the Sith’s most insidious Inquisitors she has a very particularly devious way of getting exactly what she wants. Immensely powerful in the dark side of the force her acrobatic fighting style verges on something magical. Even her name evokes a fear that few Jedi can withstand.

Lyn Sky of Lyn Sky Entertainment also joins the ranks to bedazzle eyes from near to far away. Her performance has been known to impress crowds of many and now Star Wars fans from around the globe can see her in person.

From her humble beginnings as a slave this enticing Twi’lek broke free from her bonds and joined the dark side and serving at the hands of the Emperor himself. With awe inspiring grace and an irresistible tenacity she takes center stage and commands every ounce of attention in any room.

Now enter Body Paint by Orlando Pagan who will have on their display creative Sith works throughout the Grotto.

We have the body art Master Orlando Pagan and his apprentices bringing the darkness to the surface as they create some of the most sinister Sith you’ve ever seen! Throughout the Grotto his creations will be displaying what the will of true evil can bring to life! The darkside grows more powerful with every masterpiece he forges in the force.

Now on to the Dark Side Grotto’s show host, Rambo or Darth Berusade, who will be a force for Jedi to indeed reckon with.

Possessing a darkness so depraved he’s a force only the Emperor could hope to reckon with. He once again descends upon the Dark Side Grotto to lead the assault against the Jedi. Destruction has become his singular purpose in life. He’s the mace wielding marauder that would just as soon beat you to death with the hilt of his lightsaber as look at you. He is Darth Berusade.

Also, Defenz Mechanizm’s piercing eyes and presence will be awed by many as she’s yet another fierce Sith contender in attendance. An encounter with her could prove to be quite grim for any adversary.

When you think of absolute darkness and an insatiable appetite for destruction you should only have one name in mind. Her victims are brought to the brink of death before being brought back into eternal madness. She grinds away every hope and dream of all who oppose her into dust.

Advance tickets online are $35. At the door they’ll be $45. Tickets are non-refundable. Party event is from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Age 21 and older only. ID will be checked. Parking at the Rosen Plaza will be $5. It is located at Club 39 in the Rosen Plaza Hotel and you would need to punch in your coordinates at 9700 International Dr., Orlando, Florida.

Tickets will be available for purchase on Event Brite.


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