Someone In Tampa Is Selling Fake Advance Ticket’s To The Norman Reedus Autograph Session At Spooky Empire



This is straight off of the Spooky Empire Facebook page.

If you bought any of these tickets from this person, you should get in touch with the people at Spooky Empire. The post is below and includes the link to their Facebook page.

PLEASE READ & SHARE!! It has come to our attention that someone in a Spooky Empire “Staff” shirt was selling advanced autograph tickets for Norman Reedus this past weekend in Tampa. It is possible that he is doing this at other shows as well. Please be aware, we DO NOT sell advanced autograph tickets!! If you purchased these tickets from this person they will NOT be accepted. If anyone has any information as to the identity or whereabouts of this person, please contact us Immediately!! He was also selling advance autograph tickets for an October guest that we have not even confirmed yet!


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